Anthromon Academy

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Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach that makes you sick. The feeling of nervousness, dread, and fear all at the same time. The feeling that you know something bad is gonna happen. Well, that is whats happening right now. My name is Rick Morrison, but people just call me Ricky. Why, I'll never know. Right now, I couldn't be more terrified. You see, I'm transferring schools. Now, most people would be kinda excited or eager to start a new. But, not me. The reason, the place I'm going to was made for anthro pokemon! You heard me! Anthromons is what they go by. Any pokemon type you can think of have a anthro form. Metagross, Claydol, Pikachu, all of them. The school I'm going to was designed for them. But now, they've started accepting humans and I'm the first one ever. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not racist towards them or anything. I even have a few Anthromon friends. I just have no clue how they'll react to me. Some are friendly, some not so much. Some are really powerful and could easily squish me. That's why I'm scared right now. I'm not the strongest person in the world. I'm really skinny, kinda short and not the most confident person. "You've been quiet." I look to my mom snapping out of my trance. We're currently driving towards the school. "I'm just nervous." "What, my handsome man nervous?" She says it almost mockingly. Besides being skinny, I also have shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. I even have a kiddish face. "It'll be alright, you have nothing to worry about." She says that but I don't believe her. We arrive all to soon at the gates and I exit the car. "Have a good day sweety, love you." "Love you to mom." And with that she pulls off in our van and leaves. I look towards the large metal gates that loom over me. There huge. The gates were already open so I begin to walk towards my new life.

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