Third Person:

"So Harry asked you out yesterday?" Liam asks Louis as they walk to their class. Today it's art for Louis.

"What day has he not?" Louis scoffs, scrolling through Tumblr.

"I told him I didn't have a phone, and you called me at the right time." Louis giggles, thinking back to the memory.

"Whatever. See you at the cafe after class?" Liam asks, nudging Louis with his elbow. Louis nods, waving back at Liam as he enters the classroom only to find Harry standing next to his easel. Does this kid ever quit?

"This'll be a long day." Louis mumbled mostly to himself.

He quietly stands at his easel, trying not to catch Harry's attention.

"Lou I wanted to know if-"


"But you don't even know what I was gonna say!"

"My answer is no, it doesn't matter what you were going to say." Louis hisses. Harry's lip quivers and he turns to his canvas, not in the mood to convince Louis into going to the cafe with him after school.

Maybe he'll be there. He's always there with Liam Harry thought to himself.

They wait until everyone else files into the room, some giving Louis and Harry stares.

"Okay class!" Their art professor, Prof.Maxwell yells, catching the attention of the sleepy 20 something year olds.

There's a brief explanation about the tools they need for this project and a little background history on it. Louis takes a few noted so he can use it to study for the test coming up.

"Get started!" Prof.Maxwell yells in that overly excited voice that teachers use.

Their tolls they're using today are graphite pencils, shading pencils, water, paintbrushes, and dark oil pastels. All grey and black, some whites.

They're allowed to draw anything along the lines of happiness. Happiness used with dark colors, that's what makes this project special.

Louis isn't too sure of what makes him happy. What does make him happy?

His family is what makes him the most happy.

So he gets started with an outline of his family using his stencils. His tongue sticks out in concentration as he concentrates on even the smallest details.

And before you know it, class is over. Louis almost has the outline done, he just needs to erase a few extra lines and shade some things in.

He smiles at the drawing of his family that he made from memory. Harry sighs and admires whatever is on his canvas, Louis can't see what it is and he's not about to look.

Louis wants to get out of here before Harry asks. He gathers his stuff and clears his space as quickly as possible, trying to go faster than Harry.

No such luck for Louis.

"H-hey Lou."

"I don't want you calling me that, only my friends call me that." Louis groans.

"I-I just wanted to know if you'd go bowling with me t-tomorrow..." Harry asks, surprised that he even got to finish his sentence without Louis interrupting him.

"No." Louis rolls his eyes, sassily scoffing and turning on his heel and heading out the door, swaying his hips as he walks.

Harry's head drops in sorrow as he watches his love reject him again. He honestly doesn't know why he loves him so much...

"Just get some courage and go to the cafe. Maybe Liam will give you Louis' number." Harry says to himself thoughtfully.

Yeah, Liam would do that just to piss Louis off.

He's so happy that Liam is a total douche towards Louis.


Here you go duckies!




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