Chapter 12

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Cesc was thinking about FerLlorenzon...he thought to have understand what happened to him:

"Mmm...FerLlorenzon was bad...bad as the bads...knowing Alvaro...he could hypnoze or something other...I should think well..."

While Cesc was thinking, he heard someone screaming, as Gerardo, and he went out to see:


"Shut up Geri, FerLlorenzon has gone, I don't need any...OMG!"

Cesc was amazed. Gerardo was trasporting...the prince and the esquire! The future of Arcania! Cesc couldn't believe his eyes...

"Where have you found them!?"

"They was sleeping where there are the most potents flowers...they are only sleepy, luckily."

"Let's put them in house!"

Gerardo put the two heroes on two beds in the house, and they was waiting for them wake up.

The first who woke up was Sergio. When he woke up, after some hours, he found Cesc in front of him:


"Ah! Where am I?!"

"Don't're Sergio, right?"

"Yes but...who are you? Where I am? Where's Fernando!"

"Let me explayn...I am Cesc, the fairy of flowers and keeper of the Forrest of Sleep. My assistant, Gerardo, found you and Fernando in the place where there are the most potents flowers...luckily you were only sleepy. I am so happy to have you two here"

" moment...fairies are also boys?!"

"Yes of course! Anyways, how are you?"

"Tired...strange...what's this forrest?"

"That's the Forrest of Sleep. The flowers in this Forrest can make people sleep or sleep forever. It depends about where you are and how strong are you."

"Oh interesting...where's Fernando?!"

"In an other room, whit Gerardo. Don't worry, he will get up early."

"I hope"

"Let's, you should retake  your force...drink this"

"Thank're very nice, Cesc"

"Ahaha thanks"

After a bit, Cesc said to Gerardo to go in the room where was Fernando, and then also Fernando woke up:

"Ah what a headache.."

"Don't worry"

"Ah who talked!?"

"Keep calm prince"

"Who are you?"

"The fairy of Forrest of Sleep, togheter with Cesc...I am Gerardo"

"Where's Sergio?! What happened?!"

"Don't and Sergio felt down in the place where there are the most potents flowers...luckily you were only sleepy. Sergio has already woke up, he is in an other room with Cesc"

"I am feeling tired..."

"I understand, that's the effect of flowers"


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