Falling Hard, Before The Fall

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(1 week later)

Aimee's POV

Today is Dans Party! Its his birthdays summer BBQ. Emily had just arrived to get ready and then Sammy is coming to pick us up, he is gonna bring Freddie who is a mutual friend of ours who we are trying to set up with Emily.

"Aimee you bitch, Emily is here" Lissy screeched up the stairs, we fell out earlier that day when I said she couldn't borrow the bikini she bought me for MY birthday so she could go swimming with this "bad boy" that she liked.

"Hey Em, come up" Emily bundled through the door with her massive barrel bag, she was wearing a tracksuit and her hair was in rollers. 

Hours passed and we didnt even notice, 7 o'clock chimed on the clock and the door bell rang to see Sammy and Freddie on the other side of the door. Emily was in a short red dress and I wore a black pencil shirt with a green/blue sparkly crop top... We were ready to party hard! Oh and I shant forget that I was wearing my pink swarovski necklace <3 Love you Sammy <3 <3

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