********************Keyan’s POV********************

When I walked out of her hospital room, I was livid. I knew my brothers were pieces of shit, but I had no idea they were willing to go this low in order to get a woman. The words she had told me had played over and over again in my mind after she quit speaking. Truth was I really did want to kill them, but I was smarter than that. I would make them pay in a far better way, and it wouldn’t involve me having to pay any kind of price in return. I would seek my revenge in other ways. I would make my brothers pay for every single thing they had ever done to me. This was the final and most outrageous breaking point for me.

I stepped outside into the morning air and breathed in deep, but it did little to relax me. When I closed my eyes, I saw Chelsea’s body all beaten and bruised and imagined her having no choice but to lay there while Drake and Ricky forced themselves on her over and over again. I snapped my eyes open and walked towards the hospital drive and my waiting chauffeur. “Take me to my apartment.” He nodded and smiled at me sympathetically. “How’s the little lady?” he offered in a sincere caring tone.

“She’s alive, but broken,” was all I offered in return with no explanation as to my words. I didn’t really want to make small talk with him this morning. Usually I would have, but I was not in my usual mood. Once we made it to my apartment, I pushed my key into the lock and turned only to realize that it was already unlocked. I pushed the door open carefully and glanced in. My father was sitting on the full length sofa reading the morning newspaper with his legs kicked up on the coffee table in front like he lived there. I stepped inside and slammed the door behind me. My father looked up at me but not with surprise. He had heard me when I came in. The look on his face was one of smugness and callousness that made my stomach sick. I knew he probably hadn’t had anything to do with the incidents of the night before, but if he hadn’t been the way he was my brothers wouldn’t be either. I rubbed my head and gave an irritated sigh, but my father just mocked me with a scoff.

“What are you doing here father? Last I checked you don’t make it around the Manhattan area much because you prefer to stay around people that share the same number of digits as what’s in your bank account.” I glared down at him.

“Well, son, now if that were the case, I would be a very lonely man considering I have managed to merge with yet another company.” He was smiling sarcastically up at me. He folded the paper up and laid it on the coffee table and stood up. “I am here because our new mergers are requesting your presence today. In fact, they are probably at the office as we speak and look at you. You still have on the same clothes from last night. That girl is no good for you, son. Lucky for you, she is a diamond in Jerrod’s eye. Once he found out the girl he danced with last night was the same girl from Florida, he told me that he would only sign the merger as long as you stay away from Miss Chelsea Rayner.”

My father’s words hit me like a lightning bolt and I shook my head trying to make sense of his words.

“If you mess this up for the company, I will see to it that Miss Rayner loses everything she has, even down to that little piece-of-shit-baby she is pregnant with.” With those words, he spoke with finality and stepped past me out through the door, closing it behind him.

I fell to my knees. I had just admitted to Chelsea that I loved her. I had gotten her to open up to me. Even more, she had told me that she loved me too. None of it mattered though, because I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her anymore. Especially not if I could prevent it. I headed towards my bedroom and showered and was dressed in one of my countless business suits before I picked up my phone from the table. I had a missed text message from Chelsea. It read, “I am worried. Please call or text to let me know you are okay. It feels like such a long time ago that you left. I love you, please be careful.”

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