we were currently on the plane to LA. she crashed halfway through and i stared at her frequently. 

what the hell was i gonna tell management? it was a spontaneous idea but i genuinely believe that she'll open up to the world when she's hanging out with the lads and i 

i decided to give feldman a call. 

"hey feldy" i spoke into the phone. 

"luke, mate! how's family life going?" he cheered. 

"great! i'm bringing someone on tour with me, and if you tel-" i started to explain, but he quickly cut me off.

"what? who?" he probably assumed it was some girlfriend. 

"my sister, sierra." i told him and he chuckled. 

"oh right, you've mentioned her before."

"so, if you could mention that to management, it'll go over smoother." i pleaded with him.

"luke, i don't kn-" i cut him off

please, man. i can't fly here all the way across the globe just to bring her back" i said, getting a little fed up. 

"alright. i'll talk to them." he conceded and i muttered a yes

"yes! thank you." i thanked and he replied with a 'your welcome'

and with that, the call was dropped.

"luke?" i hear her voice next to me. 

"yeah?" I said

"are we almost there?" she asked, yawning and rubbing her face. 

"almost, around twenty minutes" I said

"ok" and she turned back around to face outside. 

i have no idea what happened to her in past homes. mum never told me- said it was none of my business. which is partially true. 

but curiosity is natural. and she is my sister now. 

i mentally face palmed. what about the guys?


we just got off the plane and now we're waiting for the guys to come pick us up. and i'm extremely nervous to say the very least. 

i'm going on tour with four teenage dudes, one that i don't fully trust, and three that i've never met. 

"luke" someone yelled. luke covered me behind his back. but i heard a sigh of relief. as i was allowed to see the three large men running towards him. 

i was still standing behind him, he finally moved once they were near us. 

they stared at me in shock and confusion. 

"guys, this is my sister sierra- she's coming on tour with us!" he cheered. the black haired one was about to rebuttal. but luke interrupted

"management is cool with it" and they sighed in relief. 

"sierra, this is calum. the annoying one" he whispered the last part, which made me giggle. 

"hey!" calum responded but smiled at me and waved. 

"micheal, the quiet one. but not really" he explained and he just waved, no smile. 

"and ashton, the old man" ashton started giggling as did i.

"older than you by a year"

"two" luke corrected. ashton waved him off. 

"whatever man, but hi sierra. it's nice to finally meet you" 

we started walking out, but i was in a square with all of them protecting me at all angles.

guess they didn't want the paparazzi seeing me. which is valid. 

we get into the car and begin to drive. 

here we go


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