Drama So Much Drama

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So theirs rumours going around that Madison and Cameron are dating. The fans are pissed. I mean who likes Madison anyway. (No hate to Madison PS I don't ship it) Madison is in LA and they want me to say something to her.

I arrive to Madison's house and greet her with a hug. We went to her and talked.

"So you and Cameron huh?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we're not dating."

"I know, just watch what you're doing."

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"The fans are pissed, and he's my best friend, I'll do anything for him." I said.

"Ok, well he likes me more." she flipped her hair.

"Calm down, bitch." I said.

She looked at me.

"I thought you came over here to do a cover with me, not be a whore." she snapped.

"I would rather die then do a cover with you." I said in her face.

"I'll tell Cameron." she threatened me.

I raised my hands in defence.

"I'm so scared." I said.

She punched me in the jaw and pushed me against the wall. "Listen, bitch Cameron is mine. We kissed. We have a connection and you're not going to ruin it. I don't care about his fans or your fans. I just care about mine." She said.

"What fans?" I asked.

She bit my arm. I kicked her in the stomach. She groaned. "Oh and Madison." I paused. She looked up at me. "You're not wanted in the fandom." I said before punching her in the face and breaking her nose. I was about out the door. "Grace I hope Willy dies." She said.

I stopped and closed my eyes tight. I turned and walked back over to her. "You are such a horrible person. Why? Willy is the sweetest person and I love her with all my heart, you would to but you don't have one. I hope you go to straight to hell Madison." I said before leaving.

Right when I got in the car Madison had already tweeted.

@MadisonElleBeer: Bitch, broke my nose😫😭

I subtweeted her.

@GraceJensen: She deserves whatever she gets😂

I drove back home. I got a text from Bart about MAGCON.

Bart: MAGCON is in Atlanta and we moved it to 2 days from now.

I went to pack my stuff. My phone kept blowing up.

"Grace punched Madison😂"

"Cameron's pissed, because Grace punched that whore!"

"I'm kinda mad too."

"Wow, she's that jealous of Madison?"

@GraceJensen: Yes, punched Madison in the face and broke her nose...sue me!

I started getting hate mostly from Beliebers.

@justinbieber: @GraceJensen that wasn't cool!

@camerondallas: I'm so pissed right now!😤

I sighed.

@GraceJensen: You guys don't the whole story!

I just went to sleep after that.


I woke up and checked my phone.


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