Black Poltergeists

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It was 2014- humid and hot summer.  Four friends, Khalid, Shurjo, Zubeen and Faaroq in the cafeteria were drinking tea and as their A Levels were done; they discussed themselves to go to their hometowns. Suddenly, Khalid came out with the idea of going to his hometown along with them. The others were shocked that if the place was haunted.  But Khalid denied it. After the discussion, everyone packed their bags but some were scared. They came out of their apartments as prepared. They saw an auto rickshaw stood in front of them. As Khalid took them to the auto rickshaw, they were scared and expecting something low.

As the sun was about to set, suddenly, the auto rickshaw stopped.

“What happened?” asked Khalid.

“Sir, I have seen something” said the auto rickshaw driver.

“What have you seen?” asked Shurjo.

“There are four black shadows with red eyes” said the auto rickshaw driver.

When Khalid came out of the rickshaw, he saw nothing. But when he looked back, he saw the red eyes with a transparent black body like a shadow which was not explainable. Khalid ran off to the rickshaw inside, he told the auto rickshaw driver to drive fast. As fast as the rickshaw was driven, the black shadows were chasing.   They recited the verses to prevent the supernatural element by closing their eyes.  When they opened, they saw that they reached Khalid’s hometown where it was surrounded by huts and lights. The rickshaw driver sighed with relief.

When Khalid came out of the rickshaw along with the three others, a man came near them.

“Uncle!” said Khalid.

“What happened, my boy?” asked the man.

Then Khalid and the other three explained the story.

“You shouldn’t have gone to the shortcut. Do you know what really happened there?” said the man.

“No” said the four.

“So, get rest and wait for the morning” said the man.

The man welcomed them to his little hut which was big inside.

Meanwhile, the rickshaw driver was doing his home chores. Then he asked permission if he would go to the toilet. As he went to the toilet, he saw three black shadows with red eyes. The rickshaw driver was scared as cold. The shadows laughed. He ran towards the bamboo forest. The shadows went near him and scratched him to death. His body was cut as the blood bled through the forest. When his wife found his body, she took him to the shower.

At dawn, Khalid woke up and saw the four white clothed people whose eyes were transformed from red to the white light. When he heard a sound, he looked back but when he looked at the window, they saw the white clothed men were vanished.

When the sun rose through the east, the four came out of the hut and saw the group of people was mourning. The four were asking themselves what was really going on. When they came near the dead body covered with white cloth along with the woman who was crying- it was the auto-rickshaw driver. At night, when Khalid asked his uncle about the black shadows, he first avoided it but as he told about a plan, he revealed:-

Ten years back, there was a man named Fahiuddin was an innocent but retarded person. No one gave him the importance due to his mental instability. He fell in love with a girl named Singara who never liked him. Her beauty led him to be kind and gentle. Until one day, he went to Singara’s house to give her some of the flowers. But his fiancé, Sharif quickly came and harassed her.

When Fahiuddin was trying to save her, the villagers came with the torches. Sharif blamed Fahiuddin for the harassment that the villagers burnt him alive. Singara also died after the sexual harassment. As their spirit could not harm Sharif, they sent jinns to kill most of them who harmed”.

Khalid was surprised. He told his uncle that he had a priest to set their souls free. As Khalid’s uncle permitted him, Khalid called him over phone about it. At night, the priest came to the village. The priest told the four and his uncle to go to the field beside the graveyard. They went accordingly.

 The priest did the wudu (cleaning faces) he held the Holy Book and recited the verses. The black shadows ran away but captured by the priest into the bottle plus he threw it in the river. The light came out that both the spirits flew up to the sky.

The villagers were cheerful and celebrated that the jinns were no longer harassed them. They went to the mosque and prayed that the future of the village should be better in terms of supernatural powers. Khalid and his friends returned to their home and found out that everything became well to that ends well.

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