Fighting fairytales

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I saw their wings towering over me. They were tall humanoid creatures with piercing eyes. The metal cobwebs covering their clothes were covered with frost flowers, but the cold from the creatures did not reach me. Covered by six blankets and a layer of warm air I stared at the chaos around me. Several dead lay on the pavement, perfectly clean and unharmed except for a small x cut into the left cheek of each victim. When the last one of my few soldiers hit the ground I tried to move once more, but my body didn't respond. One of the creatures seemed to smile at me, forcing me to realise none of the others had lips. They were coming for me, they would tear my skin with their poisonous claws and-

Day 1

They never hurt me.

My hand slid through my short, messy hair. Just because it was short didn't mean it wasn't heavy. Trying to cut it myself seemed a good idea compared to the human interaction required for getting a haircut. I was past all this crap, yet recently my dreams seemed to miss the good ol' days of being a pathetic victim of circumstances. It made me feel uncomfortable, like the past year had been nothing but a waste of time. Nearly every possible conversation with Stelle would be about the creatures if I talked to her now. I put my phone down and closed my eyes.

I've been neglecting my studies, ignoring my friends, avoiding my acquaintances, and forgetting to sleep. I still got complimented on my grades, but everything else was taking a toll on me. Somehow my mind was feeling extremely sorry for itself. It was weird to look at everything from a distance, but it didn't seem to do anything significant. Trying to ignore my weltschmerz I turned to the large hairy man lying next to me. Cats always make life a bit easier, it's like they're emotional prostitutes. Will love for food.

When I fell asleep again I dreamt of numbers. Logic and facts. And mistakes were erased and everything made sense until I woke up.

Authors note

I know it's short, but I finally wrote something.(That's not really new, but I published it!) I've wanted to write this story for almost two years now, but it would never be more than a short poem, or even a haiku. I might add some to the story later.

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