•Caden's POV•

My breathe got hitched in my throat. I smiled, bit my lip and nodded.

"You have no idea how nervous I've been all day to ask you that." Cameron said engulfing me Into a hug.

"I'm so happy you did." I pecked him on the lips.

We sat on the swing for another hour talking about anything and everything. He makes me smile so much, he's made me laugh more in one night than I've probably ever laughed. And I'm the luckiest girl to be able to officially call him mine.

"You ready to go babe?" He asked after a minute or two of silence.

"Yeah, lets go."

He helped me up onto the horse and he got on his. The ride back was so relaxing, we stopped once to take some pictures. We got to the car and he of course opened the door for me, like he's always done.

"Do you wanna head to our place or yours?"

"Mine, I'm pretty sure Ally and Tiff are at your place, so we'll be alone." I smirked at him. I wasn't actually planning on doing anything, I just liked to tease him.

We arrived at my place and I went to my room to change into comfortable clothes while Cameron picked out a movie and got the snacks ready.

"You ready?" He asked as I walked out of my room. He had a bunch of pillows and blankets layed out on the floor with popcorn, candy and drinks.

Half way into the movie I started to get sleepy. I felt my eyelids get heavier and eventually fell asleep.

•Cameron's POV•

We were watching Pacific Rim and I noticed Caden started to fall asleep. I cuddled up closer to make sure she was comfortable. She had her head against my bare chest, I could feel her breathe against my skin. I looked down at her and she was peacefully sleeping, she was the most adorable thing when she was sleeping. I brushed a hair behind her ear and smiled to myself. This girl is so beautiful, I can't believe she's mine. She's finally mine.

-Next Morning-

•Carter's POV•

I've come to accept the fact that I'm not getting Caden back no matter how hard I try. I'm pretty sure she likes Cameron. I don't want us to be on bad terms, I at least want us to be friends and not make things awkward when the group is together.
I decided to call her.

"Hello?" She answered, I didn't think she would.

"Hi Caden, um could you come over today I wanted to talk to you." I said kinda nervous.

"Yeah sure, I'll be over at 1:00."

"Okay sounds good bye." I hung up and let out a breathe I didn't realize I was holding.

•Caden's POV•

I was kinda surprised when Carter called me. But Im getting tired of all the awkwardness between us so I wanna talk to him about it when I come over. I honestly hope he's not calling me over to try and get me back. I was supposed to be there at 1:00 and it's now 11:00, and Cameron's still asleep.

I picked up a pillow and whacked him on the head with it. Nothing.

"Cameron wake up!" I nudged his shoulder. He just let out a "mhhhhhhm" as in 'leave me alone'.
Still nothing.

I thought of an idea, I smirked to myself and got up. I went to the kitchen and picked out the biggest mug I could find. I went to the fridge and filled it up with ice.

I slowly walked over to cameron, he was laying on his stomach and snoring. I gently moved the blanket down so his back was bare and dumped the cup of ice on his back.

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