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Wind slapped my face, my paws smack the ground as i raced through the woods. Tears fell down my face as I tried to run faster and faster away from the death behind me. Howls roared and pierced my ears. i could feel a warm substances dripping from the insides of my ears. My eyes dart back to see my ear bleeding. My eyes shrink and a rush of shock runs inside my bone marrow. I ignore the pain and continua to run. A loud squeal was made and i looked behind me. Big mistake. A large object covered in flames was hurled directly at me. I come to a halt as the body crashes in front of me.

It was one of my subjects. Her name was lisz, she was around 1 years old. Her mother and father were dear friends of mine. I collapsed to the floor. My eyes are shut closed as a stream of sorrow flows down my now soiled white fur. My wings are stretched out far into the air. As i lay on the ground my wings bat slowly causing a drift of wind. I try my hardest to blow out the fire but it doesnt work. The world disappeared around me. the realization of me being completely alone hit me. Right then and there i didnt care if i died

I was ALONE....

I could hear someone calling my name.

"Nandi...Nandi.." It was very faint but grew stronger as i creeped my eyes opened.

"NANDI!! COME ON! YOUR GOING TO DIE IF YOU DONT GET UP!! NANDI!!!!" The voice is familier.

"please nandi dont die. You must live on to find someone you loe and make a new pack so our name lives on. Please nandi i need you." the faint voice whispered. 

I look up to see...lisz! Was i dreaming? Am i dead? Have i gone completely insane??

"Nandi there is no time for questions you must get going before you die. The fire is catchig up to you. come on!"

Lisz's paw stretched down towards me. I tried to look to see if she was really there but my vision was blurred by my tears. At that moment i didnt care. I looked behind me and saw a red wall chasing me. I force my self to stand up and i run after Lisz as she seems to lead me to safety.

I entered the mouth of a ferocious cave. It was pitch black at the entrance but as i traveled deeper it seemed to glow with a fluorescent light. I saw Lisz sitting in the middle of the cave. A rush of happiness flowed through me. I sprinted to Lisz and leaped into the air to hug her. I moved my paws in a motion as i go to hug her. I PASS RIGHT THREW HER!?!?

I lay on the ground completely shocked and confused. As i slowly turn around i could hear a sigh come from the ghostly Lisz.

"Im sorry Alpha Nandi." Her voice echoed into a quiet distant whisper.

"But why, how, what?!" I chocked up.

"Im sorry." Her ghostly body faded off into the air until there was nothing left. I was left alone in the drafty, dark, creepy cave.



Hey guys sorry this was short. I hoped you enjoyed though. I really enjoy writing these in between chapters. Give you a sense of the character and an in-site into their lives. Well hope you enjoyed make sure to vote, comment, and follow. ^.^ love you all!!!


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