The Ophidians: The Battle

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The following is a work of fiction and all characters contained within are fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental

This story was originally written between 1992 and 1996 when I was in high school

It is dedicated to my favorite authors who made me want to write and share my work with everyone.

To my mother who gave me my love for reading

To my father who may not always be able to express himself when he speaks but is a wonderful writer

To my sister who helps me stay young

And to my wife who has brought love and happiness into my heart.

The Battle

Chapter 1

It was a dark night, no moon shone in the bleak summer sky.  I was out for a late night walk; they seem to refresh the body as well as putting the mind to ease about all the things around you. It's good for me to sit in darkness or walk in darkness it helps me think. I think about where I'm going, and where I've been, who I am,  who I've been, and who I am going to be. I start walking back to my house. As I walk up the dull gray stone path. I am startled by the porch light suddenly coming on. I look up to my Victorian style house with the wrap around porch. I walk up the faded blue stairs to the porch my eyes look to the blue siding on the house then to the open door I look into the hallway leading into the living room.

            I walk into the brightness at first it hurts my eyes but they adjust to it, and I open the screen door and walk in. First I am greeted by my dog, a well groomed German shepherd, Husky mix, named Crystal. We walk into the kitchen to find the light left on but no one there. I turn off the light and walk back to the living room and turn off the porch light as well as the living room light. Then I walk up the creaky steps to my bedroom.

            There in our bed is my wife I stand in the door way looking at her.  I think to myself that I like to watch Amber sleep. I look at her long red hair, her smooth pink skin, and her flawless face.  I walk over to the bathroom and take a quick shower. I get out dry, and get dressed for bed. I walk out of the bathroom being careful not to step on the one creaky board next to my side of the bed.  I climb in trying not to wake Amber within minutes I'm fast asleep.

            The next morning, I wake up to find my wife not beside me. Then I smell bacon and pancakes. I get dressed in the usual hurry then I remember that it’s Saturday. I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. There she is my reason for living standing at the stove taking the last of the bacon out of the oven. She has no time to turn around before I take a hold of her and hug her we walk to the table together.

            We sit and she says “where you were last night, out for another midnight walk?"

            "Yes, but if it makes you feel any better I thought of you the whole time." I say with love.

            "You did not; all you think about when you go for one of those walks is yourself. That's why you never ask me to go with you." she says.

            "I don't ask you because I don't want to take a chance of you tripping a getting hurt on the rocks by the lake, don't forget its dark out." I say with concern.

            "I realize what you’re saying, but I Just wants to walk with you and maybe even talk. By the way your cousin, Tim called; he wants you to call him back."  She says with a new brightness in her voice.

            "When did he call?" I wondered

            “Last night that’s why the kitchen light, was on." Amber says with a smile.

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