Chapter 22

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Friday soon rolled by, making Emiko a nervous wreck, even if she had an idea what Ushijima wanted to talk to her about. She truly had feeling for the tall ace, and she hoped he did as well, though the way he acted with her pointed at the fact that he did. At the end of the day, Emiko went to one of the bathrooms on the second floor, going to get changed for her 'date' with Ushijima, though she didn't know if it was one or not. She had the day off from training on Fridays, and luckily so did the tall ace. She got changed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans as well as a white tank top with the kanji for 'one woman army' on the front paired with a black jacket and her black and white high tops.

She wanted to impress the ace, dressing nicely so she could that, but she didn't have much time. The ace was supposed to be there in a few minuets as he had to get to Karasuno from Shiratorizawa, but considering his long legs he would get there quite quickly. Emiko walked out of the bathroom and started making her way to the front of the school.

"Emiko-chan!" Nishinoya shouted when he saw the second year girl. She turned around to face the libero.

"Hey, Noya-kun." She smiled as she spoke, her voice gentle.

"Where are you going?" He asked curiously, confused as to why the girl was going home already, she said she normally waited for her brother on Fridays as he had training while she didn't. Emiko didn't trust Tobio to get home with out getting into trouble so she always waited for him, but lately, she's been more inclined to just go home without him as he stayed quite late to practice with Hinata.

"Well, i kind of have a date with someone." Emiko replied, her cheeks turning a light pink. Nishinoya felt a pain in his chest, and frowned momentarily but then nodded with a smile.

"Have fun." He said and left abruptly. Emiko was confused as he jogged away from her towards the second gymnasium. Through her confusion she didn't notice her eyes wondering slightly until someone tapped her on her shoulder. Whipping her head around, she saw Ushijima there. Sending him a small smile, she greeted him.

"Hey, Ushijima."

"Hey, Emiko-san." They smiled awkwardly at each other for a few seconds before the ace suggested that they go since it would be bad if people saw someone from Shiratorizawa at Karasuno. They walked out of the school grounds making their way down the street to a cafe that both of them liked. Ushijima looked away from Emiko as he grabbed her hand in his large one, his cheeks tinted a light pink. Emiko's lips upturned into a smile as she looked down at their intertwined fingers, squeezing his hand gently. They made it to the cafe quite quickly, sitting down at a booth at the back. Starting a conversation, Emiko asked about how life has been going for the ace.

"Tendou's annoyed another team, he kept guess blocking their ace." Ushijima said at one point, a small smile gracing his lips as he thought about one of his only friends.

"Sounds like him." Emiko laughed out, a wide smile on her face that seemed to not want to come off. "Who were you playing against?"

"A college team, i think they were from the Royal Sendai college." The ace captain told the fellow wing spiker, a blank look on his face. Emiko nodded and continued the conversation with the older boy. They sat together in that cafe for three hours, eating and drink hot beverages as they talked. Ushijima checked the time on his phone, seeing that if he wanted to ask her what he wanted to, he'd need to go to the place he chose to do it now. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

"Yeah, i'd love to." Emiko replied getting her wallet from her bag, but before she could open it and pay for herself, Ushijima interrupted.

"I'll pay for us both."

"You don't need to do that Ushijima-san." Emiko protested, not feeling right with someone paying for her.

"I want to though." He told her and asked for the check, paying it quickly so she wouldn't have any more time to protest. He stood up and put his sports jacket on, wearing some grey sweats, a black t-shirt and his school sports jacket. Emiko followed the aces lead and put her jacket back on as well, putting her wallet back in her bag and putting it on her shoulder. The two teenagers left the cafe, hand in hand again, walking down the street to the park. It wasn't to late, only around seven o'clock, so the sun was starting to set.

The two went into the park, walking down the little trail that was marked out with signs, pointing in the direction everything was. Ushijima planned to take Emiko to the pond as in his opinion it was the best place to watch the sunset. They sat down on a bench by the pool of water, looking at the ducks and other types of birds that were floating on the pond. The two stayed silent for a few moments, basking in the beauty of the moment.

"Emiko, i really like you." Ushijima said bluntly, not beating round the bush once he built up enough courage.

"I like you too, Wakatoshi." The ace's cheeks heated up at the fact that she called him by his first name, she'd never done that before.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" Smiling, Emiko nodded, turning towards the boy and pressing her lips against his, having to strain slightly to reach his lips.

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