Tips for Telling him You Like him

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For my first chapter, I think this entry is most appropriate. Every girl has to have at least a few crushes in their lifetime. Don't care who you are, no girl is an exception to this. Since telling a guy that you like him is one of the hardest things we'll have to do in life, I think this chapter will be more than helpful.

1. Make sure that you know you like him enough to want to tell him.

*^This is the most important tip in the chapter.

*Don't waste you time freaking out over a guy and then realize he's no good for you.

2. Know what you're going to say. Don't go up to him and turn red and say nothing.

*Be confident. Guys love a confident girl! Nothing is more sexy on a woman than confidentiality!

*If you need to, rehearse the night before on a friend or the mirror.

*If you rehearse with a friend, make sure they take it seriously. Or you'll both be a giggly mess.

3. Realize that if he says no, it's not a big deal.

*If he says no, don't cry or pout about it. He won't be worth it.

*There's usually a good reason why he said no.

*Respect his decision in turning you down.

*Try being friends.

4. Sometimes, you don't have to ask him directly!

*Drop hints. Ask him if he would like to have a study date or ask him to sit with you at lunch.

*If he doesn't get the idea, he's really stupid.

*Make sure not to friendzone him.

5. Before you talk to him, be friends first.

*It'll freak a guy out if a girl he doesn't even know comes up to him and confesses her love for him. And even if you don't "love" him, it'll still be pretty awkward.

*You should talk about stuff you have in common before telling him you like him


6. Try flirting.

*Flirting is great and fun for both of you. You get to try out a sexier or cuter side on him, and he'll probably get the idea.

*Don't flirt with him the way you would flirt with other guys. It'll make him think he's just another one of those guys.

*Don't flirt with everyone while you're flirting with him.

7. You could write him a letter about it.

*Don't make it a love letter.

*Write something like "I think you're cute." or "You make me smile."

*Make sure he gets it.

*Make sure he knows it's FROM YOU!!!

*If you put it in his locker, make sure it's his.

*Reread that last one again.

8. When telling him face-to-face, wear something cute or sexy.

*It'll give you more confidence.

*Make sure it's comfortable.

*It doesn't even have to be sexy or cute! It could be you're favorite!

*Don't dress sloppy and gross.

*Make sure you brush your teeth.

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