Chapter 25

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(Cody POV)

I was thrown into the cellar where the slaves congregated. Luckily there was no one there now not that it would have made a difference anyway; none of the slaves I knew had the spare key. Growling I jumped to my feet immediately, going straight for the bars. They slammed in my face. My snarls probably lasted for hours. I can't freaking believe him! Who would say something to him?! Still, I somehow couldn’t fault whoever had; Hunter could be terrifying when he chose to be. And now he's going to marry my Angel... I slid down to the floor against the wall. There had to be a way to get to Gracie.

Within a few hours a lonely maid wondered down to feed me. By then I'd come up with a plan. It was so stupid it might just work. Perfect.

"Shelby," I whispered to her. She look startled that I knew her name and froze. "Can you help me?"

"I-..." The frightened girl looked me in my eyes, shot a look over her shoulder and took a deep breath before nodding.

"Can you tell all of your friends, that if they want to take Hunter down... They can come talk to me, alright?"

Now she looked at me in alarm. "What are you planning, Master Cody? And why?"

My eyes closed in pain only to snap back open in determination. "He took my Angel and now he's going to kill me. This has gone on for far too long. Vampires aren't the only things that should be in charge. Hunter has pushed us around for too damn long. No one’s ever fought back. I think it's time to start,"

Shelby's eyes twinkled. "Aw! That’s so sweet! You’re going to rescue Miss Gracie aren't you? You’re like Romeo and Juliet!"

I couldn't help but smile. "If you say so, however I am hoping to avoid the death part. But Shelby... this is going to be very dangerous. We're going to be freed. Or die," Bye bye smile.

She looked hesitant but then nodded grimly. "What did you want done?"

"We're going to poison the vampires. Jackie has a serum that’s harmless to humans and other creatures but if the vampire drinks from them they die. We'll pour some in the dishes and drinks. After they drink at the toast, that’s when we'll charge. Whoever they kill they’ll probably drink from. Then they will die with us. While you’re fighting for your freedom, I'll get Gracie out. Alright?" I was slightly worried she wouldn't want to sacrifice herself for Gracie, that anybody would, but I shouldn’t have bothered.

"Alright," Her eyes were sympathetic. "We all love the little Angel. We know how important they are to the Earth. I will secretly spread the news to the slaves. When will the attack be?"

A smile slowly appeared on my lips. "The wedding toast before the actual ceremony. Bring some stakes,"

"How do you know there will be a toast?" She raised her eyebrows.

My smile turned grim. "I was his right hand man. He'll do a toast," The slave girl laughed and made for the dungeon door. “Oh, and Shelby?” She threw a look over her shoulder. “Mind finding that spare key?” The small girl grinned and nodded, heading out of the room with purpose.

Now to wait...

(Gracie's POV)

I whimpered as Cody was dragged away, sitting up. Hunter watched with obvious distaste for my reaction. I busted into tears as I heard that Cody -MY Demon- was going to executed. Executed! "I hate you!" I shouted at Hunter throwing a pillow at him.

He blocked it with ease. "You'll get over it. Now go to sleep, I want you looking refreshed for our wedding tomorrow," with that he turned on his heel and shut the door behind him. For a long while I just stared at the door incredulously. Then I broke down and collapsed onto Cody's pillow, sobbing loudly.

It's not fair! I just got him back!

My sobbing went on for a very long time before finally I slipped into a troubled sleep, feeling like an empty shell.


The door opening the next morning woke me up. Five maids were bustling about opening curtains, and preceding to push me out of bed and into a hot shower. When I was done, my legs and arms felt like jelly and I could hardly walk. I knew now that Angels shouldn't spend too long in hot water or they'd be rendered helpless to anything that came at them, which is why I felt so unstable now. Something about our chemical composition coming undone on the Earthly plane. It was something Aku had explained in detail but I couldn’t bring forth the details.

Apparently, they happened to be running late. I had overslept and therefore didn't get any breakfast like I wanted so badly. For the next two hours my hair was styled and my makeup put on. When they were done I couldn't help but like the hair style. Little white daises were weaved into my now blond hair. It looked pretty. My wedding dress came in next. The top was strapless, the bust and waist covered in a gold and white fabric. After it reached my hips it was replaced by a pure white silky fabric that fell to the floor; it was beautiful.

Just like I'd imagine an Angel wearing.

"Miss?" One maid asked shyly.

I snapped out of my blind staring at the mirror and turned to her, my expression very sad. "Hmm?"

"Who would you like to be your bridesmaid?"

My answer came out immediately. "Kaycie," I told her confidently. The young maid smiled and nodded before heading out the door in search of my friend. They arrived back shortly later with a cursing Kaycie.

"Stop pushing me woman!" She glared at me half-heartedly. "I assume you have something to do with these little ants trying to dress me up all fancy?"

Though I tried, I couldn't seem to smile, but nodded to her instead. Kaycie was now shown the same treatment as I, minus the shower. Her dress was blue, as was expected. A small cluster of blue roses at the top completed the simple, but very beautiful dress. Her hair was straightened and put into a bow. A bouquet of blue flowers was handed to her.

Without further delay we were swept downstairs and out a back door. I could vaguely hear Hunter speaking to his kingdom of vampires. Something about making sure they were strong and ready for anything. I felt like I was going to be sick. This has to be a dream.

But within the next minute or so my veil was thrown over my head and I was escorted forward. Thousands of eyes bored onto me and instinctively I tried to backup. Kaycie patted my back from behind and took a step forward to lead the procession of maids and I to the altar. My eyes remained on the ground the entire time. I didn't like these eyes; they were predatory. Sizing me up like I was prey. Suppressing a shudder, I turned to face Hunter on the altar. Oh God. This isn't a nightmare. This is real.

A single tear escaped my eye.

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