in my lesson

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jeans p.o.v (flashback)

me and gwen were sitting in our combat lesson

logan pressed a button and the class room changed into a setting like the san fesico bridge

a giant robot came running towards us

its easy for me to dodge because I wasn't a newbie at the combat kind of thing but to be fair gwen wasn't to bad her self

"your not bad" I said

"cheerleader" gwen replied

"that makes sense" I said

the giant hand came for me but I through a car door using my mind

it cut his arm off

gwen looked at me

the robot bent over and gwen ran up the arm and took a car door so she stabbed in the back

she ripped out the wires

then the robot fell to the ground

she walked off the body and walked over to me

"team work" she said then we high fived

"well done girls" logan said

then the bell went so we left

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