Chapter 5

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"BOO!" Beau yelled as he ran into my room.

"Shit! Beau you scared me! I didn't know you were here?" I laughed.

"Sorry baby!" he said as he came over to hug me, "Your mum just let me in."

"I didn't know you were coming this morning?" I said, feeling confused.

"I wasn't going to, but well..." he paused, blushing.

"What?" I giggled.

"I really missed you." He said, now bright red.

"Aw baby!" I exclaimed, kissing him lovingly on the lips.

"What films do you wanna watch tonight babe?" Beau asked.

"I don't mind. Maybe some horrors?" I said, "Man, I'm hungry, I'm gonna get some breakfast."

I took Beau's hand and lead him down to the kitchen.

"Do you want anything?" I questioned.

"Yeah, you." He winked as he grabbed my waist and started kissing me passionately. He pushed me up against the wall and his tongue began to enter my mouth.

"Um, you two?" my mum said uncomfortably from behind us.

"Shit!" I mumbled as I pushed Beau away from me. We both stood there blushing and looking awkwardly at my mum.

"Don't worry, I won't keep you, I just wanted to say bye; I'm going to work now, so I'll see you tomorrow." She said.

"Yeah, um, bye mum." I replied.

She whispered into my ear as she walked past me "There're condoms in the top draw of my cupboard."

"Mum!" I shouted.

"Bye guys." She laughed and left the house.

"So, where were we princess?" Beau winked at me and pulled me close again.

"Hey everyone!" Beau called as we walked hand in hand through his front door.

"Hi!" they responded as we walked into the living room.

"Hey Lullah." Luke beamed.

"Hey Luke." I smiled.

"How are you?" he asked, patting next to him, signalling for me to sit with him.

"I'm good, how are you?" I replied, sitting down.

"Better now you're here." He winked.

I giggled and blushed. I looked up to see Beau glaring at Luke. Luke raised his eyebrow at Beau, and turned to me and said;

"Can I have your number?" he handed me his phone.

"Um sure..." I said, typing in my number.

"Luke, what the fuck?!" Beau said, clearly angry.

"Beau, chill out." I said as I got up and walked over to him.

"Yeah Beau." Luke laughed.

"Fuck off." He said to Luke.

"Don't tell me to fuck off just because you're jealous that your girlfriend gave me her number." Luke replied.

"Shut the fuck up!" Beau shouted, lunging forwards to hit Luke.

"Are you two fucking serious?!" I screamed as I dodged one of Beau's punches. Luke grabbed Beau's fist, and pulled him into a hug.

All the boys laughed, as Beau said "James, did you get that on record?"

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