"Is everyone alright?" someone asked outside, and everyone breathed in relief.

          "We're okay," a guy, Bennett, shouted.

          The door was pulled open and there stood who I expected to be the driver. He helped us all out, grabbing our hands and helping us down the big step. He gripped mine and I jumped down, then turned to him.

          "Thank you," I said.

          From the deepest part of my soul, I meant it. I had a lot of respect for him, taking charge and bringing us to safety.

          He nodded to me and turned back to the others. I lifted Mason up, even though he was a little too old to be carried I did it anyway, and I knew it was exactly what Mason wanted.

          He hugged me and I evaluated where we were. We were in town, it was deserted, as far as I could see so far. There was not one of The Dead… but that didn't have me fooled. I felt like it was only a matter of time before they showed themselves. There was three other trucks around us, people unloaded and people still unloading from them. But where was the fifth one?

          I hurried over to them in the hopes that everyone was safe, but I wasn't sure at all if they were. I reached the truck with Mason still clinging to me and looked around for anyone I knew.

          The first person I saw was Ryan.

          "Ryan!" I exclaimed, running over to him.

          He saw me and hugged me, an awkward sandwich with Mason in the middle.

          "I'm so glad you are okay," I said, choking up.

          He looked pretty sad, his eyes were red and it made me wonder if he had been crying. "Paul… when I reached him it was too late. He'd been bitten. He… he asked me if I would…"

          Would kill him before he turned.

          "It's okay, Ryan," I said, pulling him close.

          "I did though, I knew it would be what he wanted," Ryan said.

          I pulled away from him and again started searching for people I recognized. That was when I finally found Clara and her mom. I ran over to her and she started sobbing, pulling Mason and I close. He was still clasping onto me for dear life.

          "Have you seen Levi?" Clara asked and Mason looked around with horror.

          "He said he was going to look for you! He put me in a truck and said he was going to find you." Mason said.

          Clara's face fell.

          We all waited, Clara sobbing as we watched the remaining people come out of the trucks. There was no Levi. And their dad didn't come out either.

          "He's dead," Clara was sobbing, grasping onto me for dear life. "And so is my dad."

          I hugged her and looked up at the sky.


          Why was everything falling apart like this? How could God, if he exists, snatch so many people from our life. Is this what we deserve? Is this what humans get for destroying the Earth?

          Time passed slowly and night fell. I wondered how much grief one person could take, because I'd thought I'd reached my limit days ago. We all were told to go back in our previous trucks, which meant letting go of Clara and Ryan, to keep driving. We had no food whatsoever. So this was our only choice, to keep going. Time passed and passed and I figured we were looking for a new society.

          We were looking for some sort of humanity. There had to be another society, we'd already discovered two, or one, or one and a half, that we hadn’t known about.

          The trucks stopped again so, as I figured, we could have another break. But this time I felt there was something wrong, as I could hear a very, very loud crashing noise. We all looked at each other from our one glowing candle again and quickly got out of the truck.

          What was going on?

          We jumped out quickly to check it out and what I saw brought me to the bottom.

          We were on an old dirt road which wound up a cliff. The driver of the truck must have somehow started to go off, the truck was barely standing still. It was close to going to the cliff and it was sliding down. The people in the trunk had the door open and many were being helped out.

          This wasn't the worst thing I'd seen. That didn't even faze me, actually.

          What really affected me was seeing Clara in the back, holding onto her mom and crying.

          And then, as the last child was helped out of the trunk, the truck plunged down the edge and Clara's face of horror was the last thing I saw of the wreckage.

          I screamed.

          I couldn't do anything else. I gave up.

          I didn't want to live anymore if this was all that life brought me.

          I ran over to the cliff and saw the car rolling still, the metal not even shaped as a car anymore. Someone pulled me away from the edge but I didn't care who it was. All I knew was that I was done.

          I simply didn't care what happened to me.

          So as I lay on the ground, staring at the sky and wishing I were dead, I felt myself being carried into a truck again. I felt Mason holding my hand and someone stroking my face. I held Mason close to me, knowing I had to comfort him, and giving a sad attempt to do so.

          As the truck started to move again I knew I didn't want to go on.

          And I began planning my death.

          As soon as I got out of this truck.

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