I needed to get my friends.

          I've already lost my family.

          I stood up but Dave pulled me back down, "Where do you think you're going?"

          "I need to look for my friends," I said, attempting to get up, but he simply held me down.

          "They're probably in another truck. If they were in the hotel I'm sure they saw everything from the top and were told to come back down to the trucks."


          "Believe me," Dave interrupted.

          He turned and I realized he had both his parents with him. No wonder he wasn't worried.

          Some people just have all the luck.

          Some of The Dead were only a short distance away from our truck now, and, with the trunk still open for people, the truck started to move. People started to panic, some yelling to close the doors, some yelling for the truck to stop to help people on. With the help of one of the passengers, another person was helped into the trunk before someone else closed the door. We were trapped in darkness.

          I couldn’t see a thing, but I sure could hear. Screams and cries from people inside. Greif hitting them hard. I hadn't thought it was possible to feel worse, but I now knew it sure was. Because it finally hit me that I could lose others.

          Clara, Levi, Mason, Clara's and Levi's parents, Ryan, and Paul.

          The truck bumped along and I could also hear the screams and cries of the others still stuck outside. I didn't know if there was an exit from these walls besides that ten foot gap, but I hoped there was. Because there was still the chance that our driver would get attacked and then we would all be doomed. There was a gunshot that I knew came from someone up front and I gripped Dave's arm in fear.

          Someone lit a match and lit a candle, and we all circled the light, our faces lit in a circle.

          "Avery?" I looked up to see Bennett sitting directly across from me.

          It was comforting to see a familiar face, but it wasn't the face I wanted to see. I looked at Bennett, not trying to smile, just as he wasn't either.

          "Avery?" there was another scared voice and I turned to see Mason.

          My heart squeezed in my chest and I quickly got up, hurrying over to the boy.

          "Mason!" I exclaimed.

          He was okay, thank God he was okay. I hugged him to me and realized he was crying.

          "Levi left me here, he told me I'd be safe. He said he was going to go look for dad and Clara."

          "Oh, Mason," I said, hugging him to me.

          "He said he would get on a different truck once he got them," he said, his arms wrapping around me also.

          "I bet he's okay," I said, even though I had no idea and that really frightened me.

          The drive seemed to stretch on for forever but the truck eventually came to a stop. Fear hit me, what if The Dead had gotten our driver? We're all dead, then. There was a terrifying silence that stretched long as we all sat in fear. Then there was a knock on our door and we all stared. It could be The Dead, smelling our flesh and clawing at the door.

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