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Chapter 9

"Who would do such a thing?" Dave was gasping as we ran together towards the gun shot. "No one ever uses a gun, not even to kill the dead. We are low on ammunition!"

          My heart was beating fast, I felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. We finally started to approach the scene, many citizens were standing in a wide circle, distanced away from a group of arguing people in the middle. They were fighting over a gun, and I could tell that one of them were the Rulers from our society.

          "You cannot take this away from us!" the Ruler shouted, pulling the gun back to himself.

          "If you come into our society it needs to be done. We have a system set up here," the other man said, face red, trying to pull the gun away from him.

          "I don't feel safe without it!" the Ruler argued, pulling the gun back.

          Another fire was set off, this time an accident. I'm not sure if the first shot was an accident also, but I hoped it was. The bullet punctured the stone wall, luckily not hitting anyone. I felt a small rumble shaking the ground and many of the citizens looked around in fear. Everyone stopped and the whole village went silent as we all stared at the stone wall, where the bullet had landed. The stones were starting to shake and a few fell. Through one of the holes we could see one of The Dead's arm protruding.

          There were a few screams as we all looked at the wall, more stones falling over. The Ruler from our society who accidently shot the gun, stood there with horror written on his face.

          The wall started to collapse then, about ten feet across. It was hard to believe a small bullet could do that, but the Ruler must had hit the wall at just the right place. I felt a pull on my arm and turned to see Dave, horror written on his face also. Many of The Dead were already walking into the society. Men with guns started to shoot at them, but they would just keep coming at us, despite getting shot in the heart.

          We all knew a shot through the right place in the brain, or cutting off their head would only kill them.

          "We need to get going!" Dave said.

          "Why? What do we do?" I asked in horror.

          I turned back to the horrible scene to see the Ruler who had shot the wall pick up his gun and put it to his head. Before I could see what was sure to happen next I turned away and looked back at Dave.

          "If this was ever to happen we were told to go to the trucks," Dave said, pulling me towards the big vehicles.

          "But what about my friends?" I said, searching around as Dave pulled me to the truck.

          "We don't have time!" Dave said, and he was right.

          The Dead were pouring in a lot faster than they had in my past society. they had been crossing a bridge then, but now they were pouring in from a ten-foot wide gap in a wall. Many people were running in any direction they could, searching for their loved ones. Only a few seemed to know what to really do, while the others merely panicked. Finally I saw the trucks that Dave was talking about. Many of the citizens were hurrying towards them, attempting to get in. There was about five, and they were pretty big.

          "Let's go," Dave said, pulling me into the back of one.

          There were already a few people inside. And then I knew that this was going to be like when we had all hurried into those boats. As more people piled in I finally snapped out of my daze.

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