Chapter 22 - My Return

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Dream reached a shaky hand up to Nightmare's face, who was sobbing softly. "I... won't..." He whispered, his voice shattered with pain. Killer rose from his place on the couch, walking over to Dream and Nightmare. Everyone moved aside to let him pass. There was silence. Accept for Dream's shaky, shallow breaths, with the unmistakable hint of them growing fainter. Nightmare held Dream close to him, his tentacles and arms holding him tightly, as if trying to prevent him turning into dust. Still, Killer walked. He kneeled beside Dream and Nightmare, touching Nightmare's tentacle. A request. Nightmare's tearful eye looked Killer up and down, before sighing shakily and loosening the death-grip he had on Dream. Killer slowly leaned forward and gently took Dream from Nightmare. He looked down at him, before looking back up at his lover.
"I'm sorry for this." He said dryly.
There was a quiet 'click' as Killer snapped his fingers, teleporting away, Dream with him. All that was left was a pool of Dream's crimson blood. Nightmare drew in a sharp breath, staring at the blood in his hands. They shook, the blood mixing with the black tar that covered his body. Cross had left, overwhelmed with guilt and shock.

Dust POV

I walked towards Nightmare, who had collapsed in on himself, shaking with tears, but Horror held me back. I sighed softly as he pulled me into a tight embrace. I burned my face in the fluff in his jacket, and he kissed the top of my head gently, rubbing by skull in a comforting gesture. I closed my eyes for a second, feeling my sins crawl off my back for just a second. A moment of pure happiness, despite the dark circumstances. Suddenly, I heard a sharp snap and loud footsteps. I turned my head in surprise.
It was Killer.
He held Dream in his arms, and was walking towards Nightmare.

Nightmare POV

I heard footsteps slowly stepping towards me, but i didn't respond. It was probably Dust or someone else attempting to comfort me. I hugged myself, shaking uncontrollably. How is it possible that so much could be lost so quickly? The few things i held dear had all been taken from me in less then a day. I was wrong to think i deserved a happy ending. I was wrong about everything.
The voice was barely over a whisper, but it was enough. I froze immediately, sitting up slowly. My eyes were clouded with tears, but nothing could have stopped me from recognising the person in front of me.
He was stood up fully, his figure untempered by pain. His star eyes were as bright as they had been before. He smiled gently.
"W-Wha..... w-w........h-how?!" I finally uttered. Dream smiled and silently bent down to wipe the tears from my eyes. My soul seemed to jump at his touch. He sat down next to me, taking my hand, which was still wet from his blood. My vision only blurred more at the tears of relief and surprise which still fell from my eye. Another figure approached me. They seemed to grow impatient and quickened their pace into a swift run, wrapping their arms around me in a tight embrace.
"Killer....." My voice was clouded with emotion. The person I now recognised fully as my lover only tightened his arms around me. I finally broke, hugging him back at full force. We both pulled back after what felt like an eternity, staring into eachother's eyes.
"Killer, I-" Killer shook his head violently. I was cut off by him pressing his lips on mine ((they have lips shut up)). I squeaked in surprise, but melted into it. So much was exchanged during that kiss. So much that words could not begin to describe it. Killer's lips tasted faintly of copper, and i pulled away at the unfamiliar taste. I looked down at his lips in surprise, and to my horror, a thin line of blood was visible trickling from Killer's mouth. Killer just smiled warmly. That smile. The smile i had fallen for all those months ago. I froze.
"Killer, what did you do?!"
Killer smiled sadly, pressing a hand to his target-shaped soul. I gasped, shocked that I hadn't noticed. It was split in half, the other half nowhere to me seen. I reached out gingerly to touch it. Killer let me, moving his hand out of the way. I ran my hand over the sharp edges of the broken crimson soul. It glowed warmly at my touch. I exhaled, calming slightly.
"W-What happened-"
Killer pointed at Dream, cutting me off. Dream squeezed my hand, pressing his hand to his own chest.
The other half of Killer's soul.
It's glowing red strands held Dream's shattered golden apple soul together.
I turned back to Killer in shock. He looked back at me. I drew the black apple slowly out of the pocket. It was Killer's turn to be shocked.
"What is that?"
"It's a magical apple, of sorts. It'll help you feel again."
Killer shook his head, smiling.
"Nightmare, i never stopped feeling."
"W-What?! B-But i thought-"
"I thought so, too. I thought so, and i was stupid. I thought i could let this world go, but I couldn't say goodbye. You know why? I care about you more than anything. Don't ever underestimate my love for you. I don't care if i get hurt. I don't care if the world is set to break me. I just want to be with you. I want to be with you forever. And nothing can change that. I couldn't change it if i tried. And i tried. Very hard. So hard it hurt you. And... I'm sorry for-"
I cut Killer off sharply by slamming our lips together.
"I forgive you."


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