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Chapter One

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I could feel tension as i walked in my house after school.

"Why are you seeing her!?" MY mother's voice roared from the kitchen.

"I told you Stacey's just a friend!" My father yelled back.

I knew they were fighting about Stacey again, fathers so called "friend."  Mother always hated it when father was out late with her. She was a beautiful woman, about five feet, eight inches tall. She had long black hair, and perfect tan skin. She always dressed really nice, like she was going to a fancy party. She had deep green eyes, and soft red lips.  I've never really got the chance to get to know her but Father says she's really nice.

"If she's just a friend then why do you

her all of those nice, fancy things!" Mother demanded.

"What nice things? I haven't spent a freakin penny on her!" Father yelled.

"Don't give me that bull shi..." Mother's voice trialled off as she saw me enter the kitchen. They never liked to argue with me around.

"Hi sweety, how was your day?" Father asked in his nice, sweet voice. The same one he used to use with Mother, before they started fighting.

"It was great." I answered trying to sound happy.

"Well that's great honey. Anything new happen?" Mother asked calmly.

"Well I'm pretty sure I failed my science test, and I'm probably gonna get held back but that's ok. Then I will know all the answers and maybe be in advanced math." I said, trying to have a realistic smile.

"No daughter of mine is going to fail the eighth grade." Father said, trying to sound confident. I knew he was being sarcastic, and he knows I hate it when he does that.

"Don't give her such a hard time." Mother said, nudging him with her elbow.

"I'm gonna go to my room." I said, holding back the tears that started to form in my eyes. 

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