- Chapter 6 -

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After lunch, our class had PE (physical education) but I didn't bring my PE uniform. It was my first day, and I didn't know my schedule. My PE teacher Mr. Wang (Jackson Wang) noticed my concern. 

"You must be the new student, Kim Dahyun? It seems like you don't have your PE kit."

I nodded and replied, "Yes, I didn't know that we had PE today,"

 "It's okay Dahyun, you can just sit down and watch your classmates for today." then, Mr. Wang walked away.

 I went in the changing room and left my bag. When I came out, I noticed that all the boys were already changed but none of the girls were ready. I found a spot to sit, on the side of the gym. When I sat down, I noticed Jungkook warming up. Suddenly he turned his head and realized that I was looking at him. I got shy and embarrassed so I quickly looked somewhere else. While I avoided looking at Jungkook, I remembered what happened during lunch. I became more embarrassed and hoped that he didn't hear what Chaeyoung shouted out.

After a few seconds, Jungkook was suddenly standing in front of me.

 "Hey Dahyun, why are you sitting here?"

 I looked up at him.

 "Oh, I forgot my PE kit so I can't play" I replied calmly. 

"Oh okay." he then talked quietly to himself 

"she indeed is a bit too calm for being an Army.."

 "What?" I asked, hoping that he didn't say what he just said. 

"Um.. nothing, I was just thinking of something... uh... Bye."

 I actually heard what he said but acted like I didn't hear it.

 'he definitely heard what Chaeyoung said. I knew it... It's gonna be so awkward to see him again. I have to sit next to him every class.' 

I was thinking as I was facepalming myself. 

'Whatever, I'll just try my best to act calm around him and avoid staring at him from now.....'.

But guess what, I couldn't stop staring at him. For the whole PE class, I gave my full attention to Jungkook even though I reminded myself not to. It was as if I was hypnotized by him and everything just disappeared but Jungkook.

I suddenly heard someone shout, 

"Be careful Dahyun!"

 I transferred my attention to the person talking and it was Mr. Wang.

 I gave him a puzzled look before I felt a forceful bang on the side of my head. As soon as I got hit, my left ear muffled and I couldn't hear clearly. I started comprehending the situation by looking at a basketball rolling away from me, and Park Jihyun smirking with her crew trying to hold themselves from laughing. 

The thing that I was most worried about was myself, 'What if I lose my hearing forever? What if I can't debut anymore because of this? What if I can't do things that I want to do?'. I suddenly felt trapped and stuck. I couldn't move and my tears were covering my eyes.

 The next second, my body lost its senses and I blacked out.

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