bullets & tomatoes

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the two of you laid in silence with you laying on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. zion's arm rested on your hip, his fingers dragging lightly against the exposed skin of your leg. there was no talking, just enjoying each other's company in silence.

"would you take a bullet for me?" zion asked but all you thought was,

'here we go again with the random thoughts'

"yeah, i'd do anything for you" you shrugged but then you thought about what you had just said, "except eat a tomato, those things are nasty"

"so you'd rather get shot than to eat a tomato?"

you sat up and faced zion, it was dark but the moonlight casted a slight light throughout the room so you could make out his facial features. and right now, he seemed confused and shocked.

"i mean i don't like tomatoes but if i was going to be shot in the leg or arm than yeah"

it was like with every word that fell from your lips, the more taken back zion was. you just didn't understand why being shot over eating tomatoes was such a bad thing. it wasn't like he was the one who was hypothetically going to get shot and eat tomatoes.

"that's crazy, i just don't understand"

"you're the one that asked the question" you pulled your shorts down your legs a bit more and tucked a piece of fallen hair behind your ear.

zion on the other hand looked like he'd been told he'd never be allowed to sing again. he ran a hand through his dreads and pulled the blanket over his lap further, shock still etched on his face.

"why are you so shocked about it?" a small laugh leaving your lips.

"i just- i don't know. what if it was a matter of life and death and eating a tomato meant saving your life?"

you grabbed his hand and rubbed light circles on the top, looking at zion you couldn't help but laugh at the silly boy sitting in front of you. you knew he had some random thoughts and would say them unexpectedly and that was one of the many things that you loved about him. his random thoughts were unpredictable and kept your mind working.

"i don't think that i'd end up in a situation where eating a tomato meant that i would survive or not but if there were, i'd try to eat one. maybe if it was a cherry tomato"

you laid back down and zion followed suit. he turned on his side and draped and arm over your stomach.

"i've learnt that you'd take a bullet for me but wouldn't eat a tomato. get you girl with priorities like that"

you laughed, kissing zion's forehead letting him cuddle up against your side.

"just go to sleep, you've got rehearsals in the morning"

he mumbled an "i love you" and you smiled to yourself, thanking god for placing the blessing that is zion kuwonu, into your life.


okay so this is as good as it's going to get for the first full imagine. it's short, yes. some will be and others won't but i always aim to write 500+ words per imagine (excluding authors notes) oh and this is based on a post i saw on instagram so shoutout to whoever.

but anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed that 💖

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