It's Not As Easy As It Looks!

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t's Not as Easy as It Looks!

My life has never been easy since the day I was born, I've experienced very strange things happening around like: my older sister (Natasha) could burn you with her hands, my older brother (Mason) would break doorknobs, drawers, and other things very hard to break for an eleven year old. Many more experiences happened with me and my brothers before I knew the answer.

This is going to sound very weird to any human. Of course you don't hear everyday that your whole family and yourself have enhanced abilities in other words super powers. That's right super powers (please don't assume we fell in toxic waste and got them). I have no idea why we have these powers i because it's a centuries old secret. Anyways my whole family has these abilities:

My dad- Enhanced Flexibility

My mom- Enhanced reflexes

Mason (older brother)- Enhanced Strength

Natasha (Older sister)- Fire Manipulator 

Benjamin (younger brother)- Telekinetic

Addison (younger sister)- Force Field Generator 

So those are my family's abilities all except mine because mine is a little harder to explain. I have Omnipotence, which is the power to have all powers.

I bet you're thinking 'Wow! How awesome!' well it's not.

I know it's cool and all, but the more abilities you have your weakness is even more common, making mine silver nitrate a chemical that is found in school labs! So it kind off sucks when you have to run out of the lab or runaway from a person because of the cheap hair dye they used.

Not only that, the government found out about my power and how skillful my family is. That they decided to relocate us from Orlando, Florida to New York City because it's the place must targeted terrorism and after 9/11 the government decided they needed better protection.

So, know I'm in a plane to the JFK Airport about to start a new life in crime fighting.


So this is the first chapter/introduction. i know its short but I promise the next chapter will be longer! I'll be posting chapter today or tomorrow!