Batman V Iron Man: Dawn of Christmas - @JoeRover2

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The holiday movies I used are Iron Man 3, Batman Returns, and Krampus (but mostly Krampus).

The Batmobile came to a stop outside the Engel house. They were the last people in this town; but upon seeing the damaged house, the Dark Knight knew he was too late. The cockpit to the Batmobile opened and Batman pulled himself out. He sighed as he mentally kicked himself for being too slow. He should have seen the signs. Some Great Detective, he thought to himself. So many people have come to Bruce Wayne for help, but he's been so busy with both his lives that many things have fallen through the cracks. He had to double his efforts, even if that meant working through Christmas.

A familiar sound of fire and energy broke through the night. As usually, it sounded like a freight train going through a fireworks factory. Batman cringed as the iron-clad figure landed with the usual flare. The faceplate popped open to reveal Tony Stark. "No fair," said Stark, "I already called dibs."

"I've been working this case for the last few weeks, Iron Man," said Batman. "This monster started in the slums of Gotham and has moved on to this suburb."

"Well, I promised Pepper one more rescue before I came home, so you can go back to your exploding penguins and cat burglars."

Batman simply brushed by Iron Man. "I don't have time for this."

"You don't have time for this?" said Iron Man. "I have a board meeting in the morning. Plus, Cap says he's found the last HYDRA stronghold; thinks that scepter thing is there. And then there's this kid from Queens."

Batman ignored Iron Man and continued his investigation. Tony laughed while he watched Batman scrape some residue into a sample jar. "You know things would go so much faster if you used modern technology instead of Batarangs. Like a spectrum analysis. Jarvis, stoke up the spectrum analyzer." Within seconds, the Iron Man suit dinged like a microwave. "Ha! See? The trail goes that way." Iron Man then turned to see the Batmobile already heading in that direction. "Man, I hate that guy," Tony said before launching into the air.

By the time Iron Man caught up, Batman already set up his climbing gear near a big hole in the ground. "Why are you still following me?" he asked.

"You can't save Christmas alone," said Iron Man with a shrug. He peered over the hole's edge. "Wonder where that leads?" His scans registered nothing more than a deep hole.

"It leads to the Underworld," said Batman. "This beast drags people down into the Underworld and keeps them, prisoners, forever."


"Because they lost their Christmas spirit."

"Seems a bit harsh. Couldn't he just force them to read A Christmas Carol instead? How do you know this anyway?"

"I'm Batman," was all the Dark Knight said and began rappelling down the hole.

Iron Man groaned and activated his flight-repulsers. "That doesn't really answer the question," hissed Iron Man as he hovered next to Batman. "So we're about to travel to the Underworld to battle some ancient magical being. Shouldn't you unite the League?"

"No. Shouldn't you assemble the Avengers?"

"Uh..." said Tony as Thor answered the video call.

"What seems to be the trouble, friend Stark?" said Thor.

"Sorry, wrong number," said Tony hanging up.

The hole was deep and dark. The only light came from Iron Man's suit and Batman's Bat-light. The two were silent for a long time until Tony finally couldn't take it anymore. "Did you ever change that password about me?" he asked the Bat.

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