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Guanlin's POV :
"Lai Guanlin get your ass down here!" Jisung yelled, early in the morning.

"What?" I asked, half-asleep. "What do you mean 'What'!? Get ready! We're going to be late!" He yelled in disbelief, "But hyuuuungggg." I groaned, "Come on Guanlin, it's like, the second day of school. Plus, you want to see Y/n don't you?" Daehwi said, wiggling his eyebrows.

What the hell. I looked at him, confused. "What? No! And fine, I'll get ready." I said and ran upstairs to take a shower.

Me, liking Y/n? No way. She's not even my type.


We were walking to school as we saw Y/n talking to a boy, wait. A boy?

"Yeah, I'll see you later." She was laughing with him, until finally, the boy left.

He was wearing a different uniform, who was he?

Wait, why am I even thinking about them? It's not even my business.

"Earth to Lai Guanlin?" Jaehwan said, waving his hand in front of my face.


"It's okay— Oh, Y/n!" Seongwoo called her attention. Great.

"Oh, hey guys!" She said, smiling. "Who was he?" Jihoon asked, curious. "Him? Oh, he's Minhyuk. He was just passing by though, why do you ask?" She explained, "Is he your boyfriend or something?" Daehwi asked, "W-What, no! I-I wouldn't— I mean, he wouldn't— Argh! We're not dating!" She exclaimed, turning red.

"You're blushing." Daniel teased her, "I-I'm not!" She defended herself, "Guanlin why are you so quiet today?" Sungwoon asked, a small smirk formed on his face.

"Are you probably—"

"Oh look at the time! We're going to be late!" I said and walked towards the school.


Y/n's POV :

You stared at Guanlin's tall form as he walked towards the school gate. "Don't worry about that kid, he's probably just jealous." Minhyun said, ruffling your hair, you glared at Minhyun. "I just fixed this earlier!" You grumbled, fixing your hair once again.


In class, you couldn't focus, again. Guanlin kept staring at you, he was probably boring a hole through your head. "What do you want?" You mumbled, staring at your textbook.

"Nothing." He said, turning to face the whiteboard. You rolled your eyes at his remark. "Sorry I'm late!—" someone suddenly barged into your classroom, disturbing the whole class.

"Kim Sejeong." The teacher mumbled, sighing afterwards. "Take your seat." He said and went back to typing on his laptop.

Sejeong saw the vacant seat beside Guanlin, and smiled. Fuck.

"Hey! I'm Kim Sejeong!" She said, introducing herself. "H-Hey, I'm Lai Guanlin." He said, a blush formed on his cheeks.

Of course. Who wouldn't actually fall in love with Sejeong at first glance? She was utterly gorgeous. She was kind and polite. Not to you though.

"Hi Y/n!" A 'friendly' smile spreaded across Sejeong's lips. You nodded in response.

After the first period. Daehwi sat down beside you, a smile on his face.

"Yes, Daehwi?" You asked him, still writing on your notebook. "Let's go to the canteen!" He said, grinning. "Lee Daehwi, second period is about to start." You stated, earning a pout from the male. "But I'm hungry!"

You turned to your side and saw Guanlin laughing with Sejeong. You ignored it and continued to write. "Jealous?" Daehwi said, poking your sides. "What? No!" You glared at him. "Right, you have that Minhyuk guy." You blushed at his remark, you noticed that the laughing fit beside you stopped, you turned and saw Guanlin staring at you two.

"What, Guanlin?" Daehwi asked, a grin formed on his lips. "Nothing." He said, again. "You know, you should—"

"Lee Daehwi go back to your seat!" The teacher scolded him, Daehwi looked at you for the last time and went back to his seat.

The teacher was discussing about the project you were going to do as a group. "And now for the groupings."

"And lastly; Jihoon, Y/n, Guanlin, Daehwi, Jaehwan and Sejeong." You gritted your teeth, why did it have to be them. Why did it have to be her.

"So, go to your respective groups and plan out the project." Daehwi came rushing towards you, a smile on his lips.

"So, Daehwi and Jaehwan will be incharge of the materials that we'll use. Guanlin, Sejeong and Jihoon will research more about the topic."

"What about you?" Daehwi pouted, "I'll do the rest." You said, Jaehwan's eyes widened at your remark.

"No, no, no, no." Jaehwan said, crossing his arms. "You'll need help,"

"Says who?"

"Says me." Jaehwan stubbornly said, "Nah. She can do it on her own, right Y/n?" Sejeong said, "No way." Daehwi said, as stubborn as Jaehwan.

"I'll help you." Guanlin and Jihoon said in unison. Both of them stared at each other. "I said I won't need help."

Daehwi glared at you, "I'll help whether you like it or not!" You rolled your eyes at his childish antics.

Lunch quickly flew by, "Y/n!" Eunbi yelled, "What?" You asked her, "Let's eat!" She said, dragging you towards the canteen. "But I don't have—"

"Ssh. Just walk and let's eat at the canteen." She said, "I saw Sejeong here, did you see her?"

"Yeah, I saw her." You mumbled, Eunbi stared at you, worried. "Did she do anything to you?"

"No. Not yet."

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