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I will be putting the answers here. Everyone sorry I took so long. If you have a question and I didn't answer it tell me and I will add it here as soon as possible.



MiratheMatchmaker123 : Do u love someone?

A: Nope. I have no interest in love or relationships.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : Are u planning on marrying Loki?

A: I don't know for sure. I still think we are too young to be thinking about that. And I don't think Loki would want to be stuck with my until he or I die.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : Do u love sting?

A: Love Sting? Of course I do, he is my best friend.

(A/N: Stop lying, we all know you don't love him that way.)


MiratheMatchmaker123 : Why u cheat on Lucy?

A: She was starting to get boring and annoying. But I realized too late that even if she was clingy I still liked her that way.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : Why u hurt Erza?

A: Before I was only looking for some fun and a way to escape trouble.


@ASmallDreamer : Why'd you cheat?

A: Juvia was very clingy and annoying at that time. I was looking for something more fun.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : How much do u love Wendy?

A: Well that is a very difficult question. How can I answer that when there is no limit to my love for her.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : I hate u why u hurt me? (i ish mira)

A: I hurt you? But I don't know you. I hurt Mira because she was an easy target. She easily fell in love.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : why u hurt my lil sis (i ish mira)

A: I was actually trying to end things with her more delicately. I didn't actually want to hurt her further by keeping the relationship going. So I ended things. But of course, Laxus had to be an ass and reveal everything before I could explain it to her on another time. When both of us had clear heads.


Matchmaker123 : why u cheat on Mavis?

A: Why are all your questions the same? But apart from that, I really had no reason.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : why u hurt levy?

A: I really had no reason. Maybe I was bored with her at the time.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : r u ready

A: Ready for what?

MiratheMatchmaker123 are u going to marry aries

A: Not at the moment. I don't wanna rush things with her. But maybe I will consider it on the future.


Rowenlife : Why you no be with Yukino?

A: What do you mean? Yukino is with me on the same house


Rowenlife : Why are you not with Kagura yet?

A: I have no idea if she likes me romantically and I, myself and not quite sure of my feelings for her. I don't wanna jump to conclusions and say I like her when I might not. And I don't wanna say I don't like her because I'm not sure. First I want to sort out my feelings then maybe ask her out.


MiratheMatchmaker123 : when r you updating

A: well, I already updated. But to really answer your question; I will not update until I have finished this book. I will write but I won't update until I finish it. I don't want to struggled to update again and then suffer when all my ideas have ran out.

But thank you for all the support you have given this book. I know its really horrible. The grammar, the spelling, ideas are all over the place. I will fix all of that, hopefully this year.


And that people ends it. I know there wasn't much questions and the sadly I didn't keep my words and instead update this after what, 5 months? Thank you MiratheMatchmaker123 for a the questions and the other 2 people. I appreciate it.

That's all I really have to say, have a good day or night. Bye.

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