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~no hate to Romain.~

Scarlett's POV

"it is not a true article Romain." i said desperately. Romain was drunk...again and had finally yelled at me for the recent articles. it wasn't even night yet. heck it was 9 am. i was about to go to set but he came in and started yelling at me about Chris.

"oh yeah? then why were you crying over that idiot." He yelled at me.

"he is not a idiot, and leave him out of this." i said sternly.

"and now you are sticking up for him." he laughed. "typical."

"why don't we talk about this tomorrow." I said standing up to walk away. Before I could walk away he grabbed my arm tightly.

"i am not done talking." he said his grip on my wrist tightening. I desperately tried to pull my arm away from him but it was no use. his hold was too strong.

"leave me alone." I said desperately. but he ignored me and pushed me to the ground. i flew to the ground roughly. hitting my head on the way down. I got a small cut on my forehead.

"maybe next time you will think before you cheat on me." he said and left me on floor as he walked out of the house. I closed my eyes tight trying to keep the tears from falling but they came anyways. my heart asked as did my head the was dripping a small amount of blood down my face. I quince in pain. how did everything go so wrong.

~on set~

I carefully stepped out of my car. i couldn't cover the cut on face with make up and because of my short hair, my hair didn't cover it ether so I have hurry and make it make up. The cut was still relatively new so it was red and swollen around the cut. I tried to hide my pain as i walking on set checking in.

I turned around from the check in area to bump in the group of people walking toward me. the group consisted of Robert, Jeremy , Chris H , Mark , and Chris E. I was about to fall when Jeremy grabbed my arm.

"whoa kiddo. you okay there. "he asked jokily as he helped me up. I smiled slightly ignoring the pain it brought. when I looked up at them all they were shocked to see my face. Chris looked rather angry.

"scar what happened?" Chris H asked.

"nothing I am fine." I lied grabbing my bag trying to walk away.

"you are not fine you are bleeding what happened?" Robert asked grabbing the arm Romain had bruised causing me to wince from the pain rather loudly. he quickly let go.

"Scarlett. tell us." Jeremy said sternly.

"nothing I just fell." i said trying to walk away but Chris jumped in front of me.

"did he do this to you? " he asked, I looked into his beautiful baby blue eyes. they were desperately trying to find any answer from eyes. I tried to hold back my tears. "please Scarlett we can't help you if you don't tell us." he said taking my hand into his. I felt a sense of relief and safety with his hand in mine.

"yes." i mumbled. Chris looked at me apologetically. quickly he wrapped his arms around me. it wasn't a tight hug were he could hurt but he had a protective hold around me.

"I'm gonna kill him." I heard Jeremy said. and Robert and Chris agreed. I cried into Chris's shirt wrapping my arms around him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry i wasn't there to protect you." Chris said. i shock my head as he held me close to him.

"it's not your fault." I mumbled.

"you have to go to someone Scar." Chris reluctantly let me go so i could talk to the others. Jeremy handed me a ice pack that he asked one of the workers to grab for him. I carefully pulled it my face wincing in pain. Chris grabbed my hand as we sat. Robert went to talk to the directors about what was going on.

"I - I don't know if i can." I said.

"you still care about him." Jeremy asked. I don't care about him. not after this. i don't think I could ever look at him the same way. this scar would always be the reminder that he hurt me. and I couldn't protect myself from him.

"no gosh no." i start. "I ..I am afraid." i said honestly. a tear escaping from my eyes. Chris quickly but carefully wiped it away.

" He isn't going to hurt you." Jeremy said.

"how do you know that?" i asked my voice toned with seriousness. they all looked at me and could sense how scared this situation has made me. but Chris looked at me as if he had just figured something out.

"Scarlett. has this happened before?" He questioned. I didn't answer I just looked down. " Damit Scarlett why didn't you tell us!" he yelled causing he jump from his yell. yelling reminded me of our arguments and they never ended up well. "I'm sorry." he apologized noticing o got scared.

"i couldn't he- he only did it when he was drunk and i thought it would stop."

"Things like that don't stop Scarlett." Chris H said. "that's why you have us here to help you."

"i didn't know how to tell you guys. i was ashamed." i said.

"don't be. never be so ashamed to come and talk to us." Jeremy said. "we are here for you."

"how are you feeling?" Robert asked as he walked up to be. i just shrugged. "Scar, I talk to the directors they want you to take a small break. we all are actually. this is a serious issue and no one can focus of you are going threw this. so we are on a small break we would have taken next month. and i called Adrian."

"why did you do that?"

"scarlett you family has to know." Chris said defending Robert. I closed my eyes. this can't be happening. everyone will find out and he will realize what happen and come after me. Thinking of this made tears fall from my eyes. i was scarred. Chris wrapped his arms around me as a cried into his shirt. everyone else left to give us some privacy.

"don't leave me." i said holding on to him tightly.

"i won't leave you."

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