1st day

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My name is Ethan Dolan I'm 17 I'm the nerdy kid at Vista Highschool . I'm Grayson Dolans twin brother and Cameron Dolans little brother. I'm that kid that they make fun of they bully me everyday and I always get hurt my brother Grayson protects me but not always cause he's always busy with his girlfriend or sports . Yeah I know he's the famous twin here at Vista high .

I only have one friend and it's Matt Thurgood another kid like me , but not really He's actually some what cool . In the other hand I'm not cool at all .

Ethan's POV

Beep !
Beep !
Beep !

My Alarm goes off just to tell me another  day of hell .  I get up brush my teeth fix my hair and change.

I go down stairs greet my sweet  family . I get my plate that my lovely mother made me and have a conversation about college with my dad and Grayson. Cam is just talking to my mom about girl stuff .

I say good bye and head to school with Grayson. We get to school and head our separate ways .

I greet Matt and talk about random stuff . As I was talking to him I get pushed up against the locker by Brody White the big school bully .

He starts punching me and hurting me with his crew too . 

"You're a stupid bitch Dolan!" He yells out before walking away .

Then I see Mary Vista highs new girl who became popular because of her looks .

She makes her way to me .

"Are you ok Ethan ?" She says sincerely.

I don't answer and look down .

She grabs my face and makes me face her .  I try so hard to keep my self from smiling at how kind she's being .

" come on lets go to the nurses restroom to clean you up ." She says grabbing my hand .

I get up and follow her . I feel funny inside cause a girl has never held my hand before.

We get to the restroom she starts cleaning my cuts .

"Why are they mean to you Dolan ?" She asks with a tone sadness in her voice .

" i don't know they just are ." I replied.

"Well those jerks can suck my dick ." She said making me chuckle .

"Can I ask you something?" I say to her .

"Yeah go ahead ." She said nicely.

" why are you helping me ? Why aren't you too cool and stuck up ." I ask her .

" I'm helping you cause I need you to do my homework."she said which made me pull away from cleaning my cuts .

"I knew you were like all the other girls!" I said with a tone disappointment in my voice

" Oh my god Dolan take a joke . I was helping you cause I don't know I just wanted to help you ."she said laughing at first then getting serious.

"Oh well thank you very much Mary ."I said smiling a bit .

"It's nothing doing good deed is better than being a so called stuck up bitch ."she says .

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