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I cuddled Billy closer to me feeling his trembling body shake in my arms. It must be hard for a five year old to hear his father might not make it. I couldn't picture Billy and Elliot growing up with a father and I'm just praying that he will be okay. I coudln't picture any of my family growing up without a dad or a husband its to sad to think about. I don't know if I could even think about him not walking me down the isle or seeing my first born child.

"Sissy, pwut me down I wanna swee Ewilliot." Billy squirmed in my arms before I sat him down. His feet touched the ground sending him towards Elliot who was crying on the ground near Andy's and Connor's feet. He jumped on Elliot cuddling into him, I could hear him whispering sweet words into Elliot's ear trying to calm him down. My heart swelled at the love they shared together. They were the most caring little boys I've seen. They've always been close always being by each others sides and making sure they're okay.

"Can we pray for dad?" Greg comes up and asked Steven and I who sat in those uncomfortable hospital chairs. I sighed knowing Steven's answer was going to be a yes.

"Of course! Everyone come here." Steven said. Everyone shuffled their feet near us -Connor and Andy bringing the twins- and grabbed each others hands and shutting our eyes.

My family has always been Christians believing in god, but right now I'm not so sure I believe in him. Why would god hurt a man that's done nothing but nice things his whole life? Sure, we all make mistakes and we all have done one or two bad things, but we shouldn't be punished over those small things. If god really cared for us and died for us, why would he hurt someone so important to his family and friends? My father has been a respected and well behaved man all his life and this is what he gets? Getting into a car crash and possibly dying leaving him seven kids and wife to mourn without him? No. I won't let this happen. My father needs to see Elliot and Billy go to school and see them grow up as he needs to see the rest of us do the same. It's not far to Elliot and Billy that we've known our father longer than they have.

When Steven finished the prayer we all sat down waiting for someone to tell us any news. My hands pulled at the bottom of my top nervously, trying to stop myself from biting my already bitten nails farther down. My mind raced thinking of all the things that could be happening to my dad this insentience. I was scared to picture my dad lifeless on a stretcher as they tried to revive his body. I didn't even get to say I love you or goodbye one last time. My last words to him were shitty table talk when Calum and his grandmother were here. I couldn't live with myself knowing I couldn't say goodbye to his gorgeous green eyes.

"GARLAND ROSE?!" I heard a familiar Australian accent shout through the first level of the hospital making me jump up from my seat following the voice.

My teary eyes found scared familiar brown eyes from across the room and I knew they were his instantly. It felt like we were in slow-mo as we ran towards each other tears streaming down my face. We collided hard but eloped around each other without a second thought. I felt his arms protectively wrap around my waist hugging my close to his chest my arms wrapped around his torso grabbing tightly to his shirt. I could feel my tears staining his shirt but he didn't seem to mind as he rocked me back and forth rubbing my back in same circles.

"Garland Rose everything will be okay. You're dad is in great hands." Calum whispered in my ears. "Come on, we're making a scene let's go sit back down." He unwrapped himself from me as I did to him. He grabbed my hand giving it a gentle squeeze before heading back to my brothers. I could feel the stares from the families sitting around me but ignored them only trying to focus on my breathing and the way Calum strokes my hand with his thumb.

We found our seats back with my brothers, all of them giving us looks. I hid my face in Calum's arm not wanting them to see me blush. I honestly don't know what Calum and I are anymore but as long as I'm near him I don't need to label anything. We've pretty much told each other our feelings last night.

I tried to say words but my tears and hiccups just pushed those thoughts away. I wanted nothing more to cuddle in bed with Calum and pretend this was all a dream. I wanted to wake up and hear that my dad was not in the hospital and that he was alive and healthy. But as many times as I pinched myself I hadn't woken up from this horrid dream I've learned that's reality.

"I never know quite what to say when you're upset, and it tears me apart that I can't always help you. Just know that I'm always here for you, and if you ever fall, I'll be here to catch you, and if you ever feel lonely at four in the morning, I'll be here to talk to you. Know that I'm aware of all your pain, and all the sadness you have, and that I'm willing to help you carry it. Just know that I care for you, and that it rips my heart apart to know you're not happy right now." Calum whispered in my ear out of the blue. Tears welled up in my eyes again at the sweet words Calum always seems to say that just are perfect. Someone like him shouldn't be with such a wreck like me.

"I'm afraid I'm falling for you Calum. So fucking fast." I whisper.

"And I'll be here to catch you because you've already caught me." Calum whispered kissing my lips with so much passion I felt like I was floating. I always felt like nothing could hurt me when Calum was kissing me because I knew he would be my knight and shining armor to save me.

"Ahem." I heard someone cough behind us. I jump away from Calum seeing and older looking women in a doctors coat standing over us. "Thompson family?" The doctor asked looking through her glasses that were perched on the top of her nose. We nodded looking at each other. I could feel Calum's grip tighten around mine.

Hold on. Where the fuck is my mom?

"We have news about your dad in the car crash."




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