I proceeded to start doing work while I ate my sandwich. The only verbal communication I had with Pierce was about the subject matter at hand. I was surprised to see how he quickly got the hang of everything in a short period of time. There were still some things needed to be worked on but all in all I could see him doing well in his element.

I also noticed that he was speaking to me like I was finally a human being. However, his nickname to me hadn't changed. He still had been calling me Olive. At least we're getting somewhere.

We wrapped everything up by eleven o'clock that evening. The rain was still pouring hard outside. I couldn't get a hold on Hugh to come pick me up. He was probably working late again so I had to take the cab home. I glanced at Pierce and he was still concentrating as he double checked the contracts.

"Mr. Alexander?" I called out his attention.

He looked up at me indicating that I got his attention. So, I continued, "Do you need anything else? I'm heading out now."

Pierce checked his wrist watch for the time. His eyebrows rose in surprise and I immediately caught a worried expression on his face for a split second.

"I didn't know we would end late at this hour. Are you okay going home alone?"

I smiled a little, "Don't worry, I'm used to it. I'll just take a cab home."

He watched me and took him a few seconds to reply. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow."

I walked out of his office then went directly to mine to get my pea coat and purse that hung on a coat rack. I slid inside the elevator as I waited for it to hit the ground floor. Bob, the security guy, was watching over the main entrance for tonight. He looked intimidating with his buff exterior. His shaved head made him look more daunting as he wore an all-black suit. Nonetheless, he was a good guy and quite the funny one too. I had known him since I first started here and we eventually became door buddies.

"Hi, Bob. You're sleeping on the job again." I joked.

He chuckled, "Working late?"

"Yeah, a lot deadlines to meet for next week. It's been crazy around here." I replied.

"Well, it's even crazier if you're just going to sit all throughout the night with no one around. I've been hearing things lately." His voice was low as if trying to scare me. He then adjusted his tie to loosen it up a bit, looking nervous and all.

"Bob! Don't scare me like that. I'm working late here as well. I can't come down running from the fortieth floor. Lucky for you, you're just beside the exit!"

Bob snickered as he saw me starting to panic. "You never fail to make my day, Ms. Bailey." He grinned at me and I can't help but smile back at him.

"I'm thankful that you find amusement in scaring a poor little girl." I told him sarcastically.

I turned to look outside and saw that the rain hadn't stopped yet. I forgot to bring with me my umbrella.

"Ugh, how am I supposed to get a cab?"

"Here, miss." It was as if Bob had read my mind. He handed me a black umbrella that was company owned.

I took it and was really grateful, "Thanks so much for this. Aren't you going to need this?"

"Ms. Bailey. I'll be here all night so I doubt the rain will still be pouring by morning."

I thanked him again and carefully exited the building, careful not to slip. I walked a bit further until I reached the corner of the street so I could hail a cab on the main road. Unfortunately, every taxi cab that passed by were already occupied by a passenger. I started to worry a few moments later because my shoes were already wet and that the streets were dark as the rain poured heavily. I tried to contact Hugh again but his phone couldn't be reached. I then began to start panicking.

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