Chapter 8

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I wished Saturday didn't happen because unfortunately I had to face Pierce today at work. It was a Monday and I planned to avoid him like the plague. I wasn't going to talk to him until he apologized for his behavior the other night. If he even remembered, I thought.

I arrived at work at an earlier time so I started to sort out all the files that were needed to be signed and reviewed by Pierce. I smacked on a sticky note onto the pile of papers saying what needed to be done and just left it in his office. If he needed me, he would call.

I heard the elevator dinged and saw him walk passed by my office. He didn't usually bother greeting me so today was no different.

After a while, I heard a knock on my door. I looked up from what I was doing and saw Lily from the Human Resource Department carrying a box filled with folders. She beamed as she entered my office, "Hi Olivia! I just got a call from Mr. Alexander about these employee files. Is he busy at the moment?"

"What does he need it for?" I asked curiously.

Lily just shrugged, "I'm really not sure. He just asked for them. God, I hope he's not thinking of downsizing people."

Huh, weird. As far as I knew, we were not experiencing trouble with regards to the financial status of the company. I just mentally shook my head and smiled at Lily, "I'm sure he won't. As far as I'm concerned, we're doing fairly well in this company. Anyway, you can just knock and give him what he asked for."

She seemed to have smiled brighter as I assured her. "That's good to hear. Thanks Olivia. I'll see you around!"

The next few days went by, still with less interaction with the boss. He called me a few times on my office phone though, giving me orders nonchalantly. He didn't even question why I had disappeared from his sight as I continued on giving him sticky notes. I told myself it was best to avoid verbal and physical contact as much as possible.

By Thursday night, I was forced to stay late in the office to finish off some proposed projects for the hotels in San Francisco that were due by next week. Of course, this time I couldn't run away from him anymore. I was needed to assist and discuss some matters with Pierce.

I took a break around six o'clock in the evening before I had to go inside Pierce's office to start assisting him. I was in the pantry preparing coffee and making myself a sandwich. It started drizzling outside a few hours ago so I couldn't get some take-out for dinner. I thought about Pierce not having anything to eat. I debated if I should be making him one too. If I did, that would make me seem nice but if I didn't he might ask if I could make him one anyway. I made him a sandwich much to my dismay just so I wouldn't take two trips.

I knocked softly and pushed the door slowly with my hips while I held a tray with two cups of hot steaming coffee and two portions of ham and cheese sandwiches. My entrance made him look up from his desk. I felt him staring while I placed everything on his coffee table.

I turned to face him with an impassive expression, "I thought you might want dinner."

He raised an eyebrow at me, amusement dancing in his eyes. They were a bit different today. It was softer and brighter than usual.

He then spoke coolly, "I don't think that's called dinner, Olive." The tone in his voice wasn't uninterested or cold. He was actually trying to have a conversation with me.

Was this real life?

"What? I can't cook. Plus, it's raining outside. I couldn't get us some take-out." I shrugged and took a seat onto the leather couch. I looked around what used to be Wilson's office. I hadn't really lasted more than five minutes in here ever since he died. It was just too painful. We used to have coffee breaks together as we sat here either brainstorming for an upcoming project or had a ten minute chit chat session while we waited for our break to be over. I secretly smiled to myself at the memory. However, I had to push those thoughts away before I started crying in front of Pierce. That would certainly be embarrassing and awkward.

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