logan motherfucking paul

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if you've not been living under a rock for the last day or so, you'll know what happened to logan paul.

He goes to Japan, right? That's fine. A lot of youtubers do that. Then he goes to SUICIDE FOREST. Sure, that's alright. But it's forbidden to film there and forbidden to go off the beaten track. He still does that. Not cool. I can see why he would do that but it's still disrespectful. It is forbidden to film dead bodies or people planning to commit suicide. If you see someone planning to kill themselves you must call the police and help that person calm down. I don't see why you would film that.

This idiot sees a corpse. He approaches it and films it. He proceeds to male fun of his hands and stuff and he uploads this to YOUTUBE. ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST PLATORMS ON THE INTERNET.

What kind of sick fuck would do that?

He apologises on twitter and makes a video one minute and fourty five seconds long.
That's not going to cut it.

He just embarrassed an entire country and a human being who committed suicide, and he thinks that's gonna cut it?
It's not.

Honestly I think the authorities should arrest him. It'd do him justice. He doesn't deserve the attention. Almost every youtuber worth noting has made a video on him. He doesn't deserve this.

I'm lost for words.

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