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brooklyn's first steps

isabella yelled

dacre yelled running

isabella smiled holding onto brooklyn's hands as she took some steps

dacre grinned sitting beside them

"i think i might cry"
dacre said

"here take her hands"
isabella laughed

"bitch you gonna have to wipe my tears"
dacre smiled

"i told you not to call me that in front of her"
isabella laughed hitting his shoulder playfully

"sorry im just really emo"
dacre replied as brooklyn fell into his arms

"you'll be okay"
isabella said wiping his eyes

"no i won't look at her so cute"
dacre cried into her shoulder

"calm down"
isabella laughed

dacre mocking her picking up brooklyn

brooklyn's first word

"hey b whatcha doin"
dacre asked

"just feeding other b"
isabella laughed

"ew peas what you doing to our child"
dacre asked looking at the baby food

"shush she likes it"
isabella smiled

brooklyn mumbled

dacre said looking up

"first words possibly"
isabella questioned

"what do we do"
dacre whispered

"just be quiet and hold my hand"
isabella replied not taking her eyes off brooklyn

dacre smiled taking isabella's hand in his

brooklyn mumbled

"come on brooklyn come on"
isabella smiled

brooklyn said with a giggle

"not what i was expecting but alright"
dacre grinned

"you created a monster montgomery"
isabella glared

"hey you call me bitch as well"
dacre laughed

"not in front of our child"
isabella laughed

dacre smiled leaning down pinching brooklyn's cheek causing brooklyn to let out a giggle


isabella smiled watching dacre watch little kid shows with brooklyn

"day can we talk"
isabella asked

"yeah one sec i wanna find out where dora is going"
dacre replied not taking his eyes off the screen

"it's important"
isabella laughed

dacre laughed looking at her

"im pregnant"
isabella said

"no way"
dacre spoke

"yes way"
isabella laughed

"oh my god"
dacre smiled

"mommy what's pregnant"
brooklyn asked looking at isabella

"nothing sweetheart"
isabella laughed

dacre laughed pulling the girl in for a hug

"i love you"
dacre said

"i love you too"
isabella smiled kissing him

brooklyn said

isabella and dacre pulled away laughing


some lil short stories you guys ♡

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