Chapter 17

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He should have known that fixing things with Rory wouldn't have been that simple.  Everything between them was great, the issue was that they weren't able to start their happy ever after. They made a trip to the city, to pick out paint colors and shop for furniture, when they smelt a rogue. 

"What are you thinking for the living room?" Rory asked glancing over the light neutral colors.

"What about the light grey?" Kole suggested, plucking the swatch from the rack, enjoying the time spent with his mate. 

"Oh, that's pretty." Rory agreed, leaning against Kole's chest.

"Could we do one of the pastel colors for the bedroom?" She asked, glancing at the mint and violet.

"We can do what ever you want." Kole smiled, he was just about to suggest the violet when the hair on the back of his neck stood up. 

"What's wrong?" Rory asked before having the same feeling and felt her mate tense next to her. 


"A rogue? In the city?" Rory gulped. 

"It will be ok, stay calm." Kole said, pulling out his phone and sending a text to his Beta, alerting him of their discovery. The rogues needed to be taken care of. They were becoming a frequent hassle and Kole worried about the safety of his pack. 

She allowed Kole to maneuver her around the store, guiding her to the exit all while keeping his eyes open for the rogues. 

Rory kept her eyes down, not sure what the heck was going on.  It didn't take Alex anytime at all to get to them. 

"What's happening?" Alex asked, in full Beta mood.

"Rogue, in the store." Kole frowned, "Rory, I want you to get in the car and go home."

"But-what about you?" Rory questioned worriedly. She didn't like the idea of being split up.

"Alex and I will drive back together." Kole said. "Go."

Rory listened, not only because of how serious Kole was, but she was also scared - the last time she encountered a rogue she was attacked. Despite being afraid, she climbed into the driver side, hoping she remembered enough of what she was taught about driving to get herself home. 

Peter was waiting for her when she got home, and opened the door for her. 

"Are you ok?" He asked holding her out scanning her for wounds.

"I'm fine, we didn't actually see or run into the rogue, but we smelt it around." 

"Where is Kole?" 

"He's tracking the scent."

Ever since they sighting of the rogue in the store two weeks ago, things had been more tense and not just in the pack, but also between the Leaders. Kole and Alex wanted to trap the rogues and stop them from coming around, but Josh and Peter didn't want to start a battle, and Rory - Rory just wanted to finish making their house into a home, and keep everyone safe. 

"Ian, I'm going for a run. Do you want to come with me?" Rory asked calling through out their home. Another touchy topic between Rory and Kole was Ian, and the fact that he lived with them. While she had been able to get Kole to be nicer to the boy, he still wasn't all that welcoming, nor was he willing to share his personal home with the preteen. 

"Yeah." Ian responded coming out of his bedroom. 

Together they shifted, and made their way to the worn path, unaware of the beady eyes that followed them. 

Rory ran with a smile on her face, well as much of a smile a fox could form, all while playfully nipping at Ian's heels. They made it all the way to the creek, before Rory realized something was wrong.

Ian bit at her ear as she came to a complete stop. It took him a moment to realize that she wasn't stopping to give him a turn to be the antagonizer, but because they were in danger.  Rory stared into the trees looking at the blue jay that sat on a branch, unafraid of the larger predators.  Tilting her head to the side she stared down the blue jay, positioning herself in front of Ian. 

She bared her teeth, but the blue jay was unwavering. After at least a three minute staring contest, the blue jay shifted and spread its wings. 

She watched as the bird transformed before her very eyes, and in the blue jay's place sat a young women with silver hair and a single streak of blue. After a moment of silence the woman smiled. 

"We've been looking for you Aurora." 

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