Chapter 8

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Rowan stretched under the covers of Harry's large duvet and rolled over only to bump into his large body. He groaned and threw his hand over her body and continued to snore, she chuckled and tried to slide her way out of the bed without waking him. She tiptoed into the bathroom and sighed at her appearance. She wore his large black shirt and her hair was thrown around and somehow ended up in a messy bun.

"Rowan." Harry's voice called and Rowan smiled walking back into the room to see Harry now awake. Rowan crawled back into the bed and Harry pulled her close causing them both to smile.

"How did you sleep princess?"

"Like a baby." They both chuckled and Harry groaned before rolling out of bed. He slipped a pair of jeans on before pushing into his closet and pulling a dress shirt from the many on the rack. Rowan nodded her head and he walked towards her, her fingers traced the buttons. They smiled at one another and Rowan's eyes landed on a scar that traced Harry's collarbone. Her fingers ran over it and he shook his head.

"Where'd you get this?" Rowan asked.

"Don't worry about it." He smiled and she shook her head.

"Tell me." He rolled his eyes before pulling her waist slightly towards him, her arms fell around his neck.

"One night, I was in a club and things got out of hand."

"Got out of hand how?" Rowan continued and Harry shifted his eyes before continuing.

"It was a few weeks after your father had killed my father. I was in a club, and I was drunk off my ass trying to find some poetic way to think that getting shit faced and fucking pretty women was going to help me mourn the death of the only man I'll probably ever respect or even love. Your father showed up, the sick bastard had the audacity to show up in my club, after just killing my father. So I go up to him, and I have a gun and I threaten him and he just-" Harry's voice cracked and Rowan looked up at him pulling him closely into her arms.

"Harry it's okay, you don't have to keep going. Just stop, it's okay."

"And he just overthrew me. Like my father always told me he would, he took me down in my own club. He could've killed me, but instead he just gave me the reminder that he always could." He looked at her from under his eyelashes and then smiled pulling her close and pushing them both back on the bed. They both laughed and Rowan ran her hands through his hair.


"Don't apologize for him Ro. I hate being serious with you anyway, this is so boring." He stood and straightened his shirt before slipping on a pair of shoes.

"Shower and get ready, then come down for breakfast. I'll see you in a little." He smiled kissing her forehead before exiting the bedroom and Rowan smiled before entering the bathroom again. She turned the water on hot and the image of her father cutting Harry played in her mind several times. She couldn't believe he had done that, she couldn't believe Harry could be dead. As she rinsed off the bits of party left in her hair, her mind swirled over how much she wanted to hurt her father for hurting Harry but she didn't know why. She stepped out of the shower and walked towards her suitcase that was laying on the floor near Harry's closet and she rummaged through it. Finally pulling a nude dress on and slipping a simple pair of shoes on her feet, she skipped downstairs and stopped at the bottom watching people rush in and out. A blonde head of hair was among everyone, and a boy she recognized as Niall was walking towards her.

"Lost princess?" He chuckled and she nodded before he pointed towards the direction he thought she should go. She soon found a pair of large doors and pushed them open to see Harry standing around a large kitchen with an apron on cooking. She giggled as he danced around the kitchen and he turned to see her.

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