Addiction (Taylor Caniff love story)

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Chapter One

Indiana was extremely warm today, heat hadn't hit me like this in a long time. My car was boiling hot, the black leather interior did not help at all. Neither did my long blonde hair which laid down my slightly exposed back from my cropped vest top I wore. The air conditioning on full blast did not help as my makeup continued to slowly fade off my face as the sweat hit it. School was the last place I wanted to be today with the heat and the stress of it being our final few weeks before we split up for summer. 

Pulling my car into a slow stop as I parked it perfectally in the school car park, the hit begins to hit me as I turn it off and the air conditioning being taken away. I hop out and push my hair, which sat on my shoulders, back so it lay off my body and hang down my back. I make my way to the school buliding, the pavement burning my feet through my white converse and feel the heat burning against my exposed legs. I pull up my high waisted shorts a little more and push my sunglasses to the top of my head as I walk into the building. Walking to my locker I see a group of familiar faces, my friends. Elena wore a white summer dress with lace detail, her silver jelly shoes sparkled in the sun which seeped through the school windows, Lily stupidly wore white skinny jeans, rolled at the bottom, with a lilac, cropped and sleeveless, top. She looked slightly retro as she had cat eye sunglasses on and her hair dark brown hair in a slicked ponytail. 

"It's so hoooot!!" I heard her winge as I got closer to my locker

"well you're an idiot for wearing jeans aren't you!" Elena said laughing at her idiotic mistake

"well sorry I don't check the weather ok! god" she said irritated from the heat and the reminders of her choice to wear jeans on the hottest day Indiana has had so far this year. As I got closer to them I saw Cameron standing with them, he wore a burgandy tank top with black shorts and vans, I envyed how comfertable he looked in the heat, he seemed cool as if this was normal tempurature. He stood with his arm over his torso holding onto his elbow of the other arm which dangled at his side. The one other person with them who stood out the most to me, was my boyfriend Taylor. He stood with his legs slightly apart, scratching the back of his neck, his veins becoming more visable from his arm as he streteched it in the air, he wore a pair of denim knee length shorts, with a white thsirt which had a patterened pocket. He had a white bandana on which coordinated with his tshirt and a pair of sunglasses in his hand. His black backpack sat on the floor inbetween his feet. 

"Lily why the hell are you wearing jeans in this heat" 

"don't even go there" she said pulling a stern face in my direction

"why have you got a shirt" Elena asked as if the world had gone crazy as I put on my green flannel shirt over my cropped vest

"I'm concious of my arms ok!" I felt Elena and Lily roll their eyes at the same time

"You guys are weird" Elena informed us.

I opened up my locker and threw a couple books into my bag. Lily fanned herself with her purple french book and continued to groan and sigh at the heat.

"Have you finished your photography work yet Grace?" Elena asked me

"Yeah literally just in time" I said shutting my locker

"Good 'cause Jenny from my geography class was talking about how last year the majority of people who didn't finish it, failed"

"Good thing that wont be you then this year" Taylor said putting his hand in mine

"Hopefully" I said, nerves hitting my stomach. I clenched onto Taylors hand a little as the thought of failing worried me. As The bell rung we all departed to our lessons, I hugged Taylor and he kissed me lightly on the cheek, we both hesitantly let go of eachothers hand. I had maths, alone like most lessons, where as Cameron had History with Lily and Taylor had Geography with Elena. I didn't particularly like being alone in lessons but at the same time, I didn't completely mind it. I had friends outside of my group but nobody could replace them. It was just us five in school and then one of my bestfriends JJ and our other friend Jack went to another school no more than 15minutes from our own. They were both the closest out of our group but I had a strong bond with JJ, we're just similar people and I obviously liked Jack but I knew he had messed Lily around in the past before. She may have got over it but it was something I'll always remember. Me and Taylor were the only couple in the group but Cam and Elena have always been close. It's like they know they both like and want eachother but at the same time, they don't and they like things how they are. I let them get on with it but sometimes Lily just wont let it settle and I can see it annoys Elena. No matter what, we'll always be a close group though. We've all known eachother for more than two years now, especially me and Taylor after dating for just over a year, he was my bestfriend and nothing and no one could make me feel as good as Taylor does. 

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