It was hilarious, seeing the crew go out of their way to avoid me. The captain had a lovely bruise on his jaw and a much larger one on his ego; though he refused to so much as look at me.

"Impressive," Ryder commented. "We've only been on the ship for ten hours and you already have the crew cowering."

"It was their own fault," I said nonchalantly. "You were there."

"Yup," Finn laughed. "It was hilarious."

I shot him a look.

"What?" he defended. "He never even saw the punch. I never saw it."

I laughed at that, he sounded like he wanted a lesson. I liked these brothers. We were out on deck, the brothers sitting with their backs to the railing, me lying on the railing, watching the sea. It was so open... so beautiful.

"Do you want your test now?" I asked, knowing Tyce would hear me.

"Any time," he said. There was confidence in his voice, confidence that he had better be able to back up with skill, or I'd make him regret it.

"Come on then," I jumped up, swinging myself back onto the desk. He stood up, walking out to face me in the clear space I was standing in.

"What do I have to do?" he asked, perfectly calm.

"Knock me on my back," I told him. "And hold me there for three seconds."

"Okay," he shook out his hands.

He didn't scoff or say 'is that all' and for that I upped my view of him. He knew that I wasn't just some weak girl to be taken lightly. Then again, I think that was his exact view of me before he saw me send the captain flying yesterday. Oh well, sometimes seeing is believing.

"Whenever you're ready," I told him, clenching and unclenching my fists.

He was fast, I'd give him that. He was definitely an advanced level fighter; but so was I. I dodged the fist to my side and threw my arm out to his head. It hit, sending him stumbling, but he managed to kick out a leg, which got me in the stomach. I doubled over for a split second before straightening and blocking the blow to my head. It went on for another ten minutes, and by the end we were sweating and nearly shaking with exhaustion. He was a damn good fighter, one of the best I'd ever gone up against.

I snagged his ankle with my foot which feigning a blow to his shoulder. We both went down hard. Now came the hard part. I was lighter, so it was going to be hard to pin him for the three seconds. I straddled him, fighting to keep him down. It was hard to straddle someone in a dress, which is why it was a good thing I was wearing men's clothes. Except for a night gown, I never wore dresses on ships, it was too impractical.

He bucked me off, slamming me down against the deck, pinning my arms so I couldn't punch him. I squirmed, fighting to throw him off.

"One! Two!"

I threw myself to the side, unseating him so I could tackle. He landed hard on deck, hitting his head hard. I pressed my advantage, landing on him and pinning his shoulders. He blinked up at me, dazed.

"One! Two! Th-"

He threw me off, sending me flying across the ship and into the mast. Pain shot up my spine, making me cry out. Damn it, he made me voice my pain. That pisses me off. I stood up, stretching me back. He hit me hard, sending us both flying back towards the front of the ship. It was my turn to smack my head. I shook my head fiercely, trying to clear it.

"One! Two! Three!"

I just couldn't get free, with his weight and my swimming head, I just couldn't do it. He stared down at me, breathing hard, hands still pinning my arms to the wood deck. I met his stare evenly, trying to get my breath back myself. What was he staring at? We were both a mess from the fight... but I couldn't look away either.

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