Second skin

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I wait for him to surface, and once he does, I start dying of laughter at his face.
His starts to scold me and my laughter just increases from his annoyance.
I feel his hands snake around my bare skin as he pulls me closer towards him.

I hadn't even realize my robe was off. I look around viciously and see it floating on the other side of the pool. So I was basically swimming half naked with the guy who's trying to kill me. How will I explain this one?

"Funny how we can't kill each other" Cole points out.
"Oh I'm not trying to kill you....I'm trying to hurt you" And In that minute, I realize the whole reason for all of this. The reason why I even have him around. Why must I be so foolish enough to forget the whole point of this? I'm suppose to be getting my revenge on his gang. But I'm not sure if I can kill him

After she had said that, her expression changed from amused.... to pissed off. As if I were the last person she'd want to see. She forced me off her and swam away making her exit from the pool. I watched as the water slid off her perfection with the sun hitting against her skin. What was that about?

I also make my way out the pool and followed behind her. She went to her room and slammed the door behind her.
"TANA!" I yell knocking on the door.
"GET THE FUCK OUT" she shouts back.

What? I'm lost. We were just laughing and now she's mad at me. I decide to ignore it and leave.

"Sooo let me get this straight. You went swimming with the guy your suppose to kill?" Ray clarified as we started getting ready for the convention. I was in the closet putting on my dress as she picked out my shoes and eyeshadow colors.
"Yup" I exhaust. "Wow.... you like him" she exclaimed.
"Of all the things you could've said... you choose that?" I asked bored.

"Well think about it. You have this sexy forbidden romance going on here" she says moving her arms around to define the word 'sexy'
"So romantic" she sighs dropping her head back on my bed.

"How does this look?" I ask walking out the closet.
"Damn..." the only words she's says. I chuckle a bit from her compliment before making my way to the mirror and getting ready.

"You look gorgeous" she says once out of her daze.
"Not as good as you" I reply looking at her up and down and sending her a wink.
(Ray's outfit below, Katana's outfit above)

 (Ray's outfit below, Katana's outfit above)

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"Your forcing me to wear this!" She spits.
"Did you see what you had on earlier. All we needed is to find a church and you would've been set to be a nun" I fired back. She crosses her arms and pouts as I laugh at her.

"The guys are here" she says jumping off the bed.
"Okay go be with your man while I finish this look" I replied but she was already out the room.

We came knocking on the door and and we could hear footsteps coming down the step, fast.
Ray opens the door and I won't lie, she was looking beautiful, but the only person I want to see is Tana.

"Come in" She says not being able to open the door all the way before Domi attacks her with a hug
"My makeup" She yells while giggling.
"This is all mine" Domi declares while spinning her around, observing her appearance and giving her compliments.

"Where's T?" I ask
"She's getting ready" Ray replies while Domi clings on her. I nod my head and lean against the wall waiting.
"I'm sure she'll tell you what's up" Travis assures me.
"I sure hope so" I reply looking up at the stairs.

After a minute of waiting, we finally hear heels coming down the marble stairway fixing her earring.
My jaw dropped, and I was in complete shock when she came down the stairs. "Damn" I hear Travis mutter.

The dress fit her perfectly. It allowed her to show the perfect amount of cleavage. It snuggled around her waist and looked like a second skin on her. As if the dress was made for her to wear it. I don't really mind the makeup, but I feel like she looks even better without make up, not that she doesn't look good now of course. She looks perfect.

Travis walks up to her and helps her down the stairs since I was too brain dead to move.
"Are we ready?" She asks with a big smile exposing her pearly whites.
"Yeah let's go" Domi replies.

"Tana...." I call her over to me before she walks out the door. She turns to me shooting me daggers before frowning and turning back to the door, making her way out.

The car ride to the location was pretty cool. I was driving so I couldn't enjoy the night with them, but it sure sounded like they were having fun.
Tana started playing her music and I'm surprised we have the same taste in song choice.

I watched her through the mirror, she was so happy and she was enjoying herself with her friends, but when it came to me.... she doesn't. I can't seem to understand why her approval is so important to me, it's as if I can't live knowing she's unhappy with me.

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