the trip - part one.

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"d.j.," i whispered into the dark.  he continued snoring.  "deej!" i hissed.  no response.  "dominick!" i exclaimed, nearly kicking him off the bed.

"what?!" he barked groggily.

"are you awake?" i whispered.

he flipped over onto his stomach.  "fuck you," he murmured.

"have you ever thought about us..." i trailed off, "never mind."

d.j. rolled over.  "no, what?"

"could we ever, could we ever be a couple?  like only if you would be forced to pick a wife, would it be me?"

he groaned into his pillow and rolled onto his side to face me.  "yeah, sure," he said.

we were both quiet for a minute, and then in the darkness i heard him whisper,  "nora?"


"i'm g-"

"i know."

"and julio-"

"i know."

there was more silence and then d.j. just barely squeaked out.  "how long have you-"

i reached out and rubbed his back.  "well, i've known about julio since you went from only working out every once in a while to three times a day.  but i've known about it all since... mmm, we were, like fourteen."

"you still love me?" he asked.

i rolled my eyes in the dark night of his room.  "of course."  then i added.  "but, if we ever do have to get married, i want a really hot sperm donor."

"we can pick him out together," d.j. laughed.

* * *

two hours later, we were standing on the tarmac of queen marcille royal airport.  dominick, josiah, isabel, lynette, charlie, myself, arabella, shawn from legal, and d.j. all stood, waiting for the royal air one plane to roll up.  kara was there to see charlie off.

over the past week, she'd been around the palace quite a bit, and i'd gotten to know her.  she was actually really sweet, sarcastic, and witty.  as much as i tried to fight it, i knew we would eventually become friends.  kara was supposed to go to baja with us, but with the rushed wedding, she was forced to stay back for planning.

kara was strung across charlie, with her arms wrapped from his side to his neck and her boobs pressed against biceps.

"be careful," she said quietly, as she laid a kiss on his lips.

i clenched my pillow tighter.  it was barely three-thirty in the morning, and there was no coffee in sight.  i was just thankful i wouldn't have to watch kara and charlie fake their love for the press for the next two weeks.

"you sitting with me on the plane?" d.j. whispered.

i nodded and laid my head on his shoulder.  "i'm gonna sleep the whole damn way."

the past few times we went to baja, dominick and isabel insisted on driving to "create family memories," but this time, we were flying to save time.  we all piled onto the plane and settled in to listen to archibald, the press secretary, give a run down of the week ahead.

* * *

we landed in no time.  pretty soon, our fifteen passenger vans were rolling up to cast de heridos, the mission we were working through.  it was also the charity that ambrose's father ran.

dominick led us up the walkway that led to the garden behind the mission.  arabella, shawn from legal, lynette, and isabel had stayed back to set up the bungalows that we would be staying in.  i followed the guys down the path.  in our line, i was tucked between dominick and d.j., i was over a foot shorter than both of them, so it was a few minutes before i got the full view of where we were going.

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