Akechi x Reader!

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"Akechi's talkin' about us again? He's never gonna catch us, he should give up..." Ryuji says with a sigh as we watch the news report on the TV in Leblanc.

"At least he's trying...unlike some people I know." Ann remarks.

"Well, we're definitely on the police's radar right now. Sis, has been talking about the last incident we had when we 'took down Medjed'." Makoto says.

"All thanks to me! But Y/N. You go to school with Akechi right? Doesn't he talk about his case at school?" Futaba asks.

"Well...uh, the thing is..."


"Akechi and I are...dating." I say.

Ryuji chokes on his water as he starts a coughing fit, "Dating?!"

"Only you would be surprised Ryuji." Yusuke says.

"Like you're not! Dating?! Since when?"

"Hey calm down Ryuji. You're not the only one who's surprised here." Akira says.

"When did you start dating?" Ann asks.

"Uh, a month ago. He just invited me to go out for lunch, and then he just asked. I was really surprised to be honest."

"That explains it. Sis was telling me about Akechi being a bit out of it last month. I guess because he was nervous to ask you out." Makoto says.

"But still, doesn't it seem suspicious? What if he knows we're the Phantom Thieves?" Ryuji asks.

"Cut him some slack Ryuji. Akechi can't be that bad." Akira replies.

"But still, for all we know Y/N could've slipped up and said something."

"For all we know, Y/N wouldn't make a careless mistake like that, unlike you who can't ever seem to keep their mouth shut." Ann snaps.

"I'm just saying. Y/N, you can't let your guard down around him."

"Y/N, don't listen to Ryuji. He doesn't know what he's talking about. I think it's great that you and Akechi are dating. Just don't worry about what Ryuji thinks. Love is love right?"

"Yeah...sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier. I just didn't want you guys to mad or anything."

"No we understand. We're completely fine with it. Right, Ryuji?" Makoto asks.


"Right, Ryuji?"


Just then Leblanc's door opens as Akechi walks into the cafe.

"Oh, Y/N!"

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I ask as I get up from my seat to hug him.

"I could ask you the same thing. I just decided to drop by for some coffee. Oh, I see your friends are all here as well."

"Nice to see you again Akechi." Akira says.

"Same to you, Akira. And everyone else. I guess you guys heard the news about the Phantom Thieves and Medjed?"

I break away from the hug and sit back down, "Yeah, we were just watching you on TV. You're still working on it, huh?"

"Yes, I have to say these Phantom Thieves are quite the tricksters. First Kamoshida, then Madarame, and then Kaneshiro, and then a war won against Medjed. How was it possible to steal Medjed's hearts? It's an organization of hackers so they couldn't have been able to steal all those hearts in the time limit they had...perhaps they had outside help?"

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