Part Two: Chapter Ten (Start of Something New)

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We made it across the border, no issues.  The guns were hidden where the drugs usually were, and the drugs were in the suitcases, buried in the shoes. We made it to the compound, where a party was going. The guys went off to catch up with their friends, while I caught many unwanted eyes from some rather disgusting looking men. Alucard saved me by draping his arm over my shoulder, making the others sneer.

"Thanks." I whispered to him.

"No problem. These guys don't give up, but if they see someone with a patch, or the group come with a girl, they'll usually behave." He murmured back, leading me to a bar. "What's your poison?"

"Tequila." He got a couple shots for us, and toasted. "À votre santè." He shot his, and I right after. The liquor burned down my throat, but I took it and didn't complain. It had been a long time since I had hard liquor, and it didn't sit right with my stomach. "Oh dear god." I clutched my stomach. "I haven't had any since my birthday last year." He handed me a glass of water, which I immediately downed, and felt a little better. "Jesus fuck." I made the cut off motion. "I can't drink like I used to." He pat my back.

"Come on, It's been a long day, and if you don't want to party, they have rooms in the back of the compound for days like this." He led me to the back where there were rooms with white boards, signalling occupied/not occupied. I appreciated that. I found an empty room, that had a king size bed, enough for us to share. I kicked my shoes off, falling onto the clean bed, and groaned. He locked the door, following my same steps. I took the corner closest to the wall, setting my alarm for early morning. I just wanted to get home to Kinsey, and get some much needed sleep, but in the safety of the MC walls. 

I got a little bit of sleep, but it wasn't much. I was groggy when my alarm went off, but it was time to leave. We received our payments, and hit the road. Bête, or Beast, was driving with Tigre, another Spanish-French member up front, while Alucard and I were in the back. It was a quiet drive, for the most part, but near the mansion...

We hit trouble.

Automatic gunshots rang out, and I immediately hit the deck. Alucard went to cover me, but slugs bit through the metal of the door, and I got hit. The familiar bite of the bullet entering in multiple spots made me scream. But Alucard muffled it, pressing his hoodie jacket on my mouth, and I bit down, avoiding to scream out again. The squeal of tires burning rubber signaled they were gone, but all I could feel was immense pain. 

"She's hit!" I was blinded by tears as I was laying on glass and blood, finding one in my leg, and another in my arm, but there was another. "Get to the house! NOW!" I felt him feel around and press the hoodie to my stomach, which made me gasp in pain. Fire roared up my spine, and I couldn't hold my scream back. I was suddenly surrounded by people, one of them barking orders, but I couldn't see anything beyond a couple feet. Suddenly, my Spanish turned off, and I couldn't understand what Alucard was saying. 

"Jesus Christ, there's too much blood pouring out of her. We're gonna have to take her to the damn hospital." 

Shit, no no no...

"No..." I tried to speak out, but it was silenced. Alucard was speaking, but I understood nothing. Darkness seeped around the edges of my vision, and the fire roared higher, and pulled me under.


The second she closed her eyes, I shouted at them to get her to a fucking hospital. They wasted no time. We were going to have to claim a mental person did this. We got our story straight, the four runners, and we explained while they rushed her into surgery. The cops had no problem believing it, but they brought up Interpol because they had posters for her overseas.

"What is she wanted for?" I asked the officer.

"She isn't wanted, she's considered a missing person." I could feel the blood wash from my face. 

"She's not missing. She left at her own accord." Michael stepped in. "Her fiance was beating her, so she packed up and left. Her daughter is not his." Michael started explaining and made the officer promise, even bribed her, to keep her mouth shut. It was for her sake. 

Hours went by like a snail.  Slowly, they ticked on, until finally, they only allowed to people up to the ICU to see her. She was just waking up when Michael and I walked in. They were transfusing blood into her, as she was still horribly pale. She had silent tears, probably a reaction to coming out of anesthesia. I walked over to her side, taking a tissue, gently wiping the tears from her cheeks. She didn't say anything, but when the nurse was about to push something in, she stopped her.

"I'm allergic to codine." I translated for her. The nurse nodded, backing off. 

"Aren't you in pain?" She waited for the nurse to leave.

"I smoke a lot of pot to kill the pain." She whispered, closing her eyes. I had some stashed at the house, and I'd gladly let her smoke it. She definitely needed it more than I did. 

"They're going to let you go soon, since we have someone who was a doctor in the army a long time ago." She said nothing, still very groggy.

"She has to be coherent enough to sign the papers before she can leave." Michael told me quietly. "It's probably just better if you stay here and we'll bring the car up when it's time to go." He offered. "We just need eyes on her." I nodded. "Keep an eye out. We don't know who did this, it could have been Shadow, and we're going to treat it as such." I just looked back to her. She just looked miserable. "I see the way you look at her, Alucard, don't think I haven't noticed." Ah, fuck me. "Tell you what. You patch in three months. If things work, I'll gladly support her as your ol' lady. Talking about patching... I think she's proven her worth. When we return home, she'll have a new jacket waiting for her." 

"How'd she get tangled up in this mess anyways?"

"Her father's a charter king. He's pres of Chaotic Shadows in Dallas." I looked at her, confused. She looked nothing like him or Magna. I knew her hair was dyed from blonde, simply because of her roots, but she held zero resemblance. "Yeah, I thought the same thing, too. Don't doubt her for a minute." There was no doubt she had done some impossible things. Michael had left, leaving me with Kelsea. The girl took three .223 bullets, and it cracked her arm and femur. Those two limbs were in light casts, keeping them stable.

Kelsea finally came around about an hour later, groaning in pain.

"Is there anything you can take for the pain?" I was pleading with her to get something.

"I can have Lortab." She kept her good arm over her face. I went out to the nurses station, finding her doctor there. When I told him what she could have, he graciously gave her some, and the relief on her face was instantaneous. "When can I go home? I wanna see Kinsey." I pat her good arm.

"They want your pain managed before you go, so probably in the morning." She was probably worried about Kinsey. "How about I call Hanna and let you talk to her through her phone?" She nodded, and I let her have some privacy while she did. In the short time she had been here, Kinsey had come around to me, and she had the same spunk as her mother. I didn't mind watching her or taking them out in the least. It helped with the lonely void inside and I was feeling whole again.

These two were like the light in a dark crevice that I couldn't see anything in. My ex had taken a lot out of me, and pushed me into such a horrible depression...

But there was something about her that made me feel like there was hope.

And that feeling... Feeling hopeful... it felt good.

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