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WHEN PEOPLE WAKE up from being knocked unconscious, they have a certain hope of what they'd see and hear when the time came to wake (what else would they be thinking about?). Usually it's along the lines of seeing your loved ones and hearing there was no serious damage. Then afterwards everything would go back to normal and the person could carry on living their glorious life.

                The case for Eleanor Archord, as with everything else, was different. Of course, in her unconsciousness she'd had time to think – about the 'always changing shitstorm', of course – and she'd created a theory. The theory, ultimately, stated that the Bludger to the head and the fall from Hell would bring a lot of unrest to her life... starting with the moment she woke up.

                It had been said by many (mostly Eleanor's Professor's and her best friend, Pandora) that Eleanor Archord was uncommonly intelligent. However, never once had she been said to predict the future – she'd leave that to Pandora. Though, her first thought upon waking in the hospital bed, was that she should probably try and steal Pandora's tarot cards, if only for a day or two.

                As her theory predicted, the second Eleanor's ears and eyes arrived back to the conscious world from their brief holiday, she was greeted by arguing figures at the foot of her hospital bed. Eleanor found it odd that Madam Pomfrey had yet to kick them out; although, knowing the people arguing as she did, she knew Pomfrey would have had an easier time curing Dragon Pox.

                Quickly the blurriness faded out and Eleanor's guesses on who was waiting for her to be awake was met with confirmation. Her fellow Quidditch players, with the exception of Regulus Black, obviously, were quarrelling with the Hogwarts-infamous boys nicknamed the Marauders, who had taken a warmth to the girl back in her First Year.

                "Did we win?" Eleanor asked, after swallowing water. Instantly everybody shut up and turned to face her. "Did Slytherin win the match?"

                Silence followed, then a groan from Eleanor.

                "That's not the only bad news," Slytherin Captain Louisa Flint stated.

                Eleanor rose a confused eyebrow. "Do tell."

                "Y'know how Pomfrey is super annoying when it comes to little stuff. 'It could get worse'." Louisa mimicked the Hogwarts Matron before rolling her eyes. "She says that your Bludger to the head could cause permanent damage if hit again too soon, or something. So you have to have 5 months off of Quidditch—"

                "But I'll miss the Gryffindor game! And the Hufflepuff!"

                "Exactly. I hate to say it because you are actually really good, Archord, but you're off the team for this year. Gotta put the teams needs over your preference. Sorry."

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