Prospero's Ghost

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By Kimberly Foottit & Mark Leslie

Copyright © 2012 Kimberly Foottit & Mark Leslie Lefebvre  (Cover Photo © 2012 Peter Rainford)

Renowned Shakespearean scholar Dr. Marshall Emerson whose specialty was the bard’s The Tempest could never be spotted walking the grounds of McMaster University without the precious 1861 folio edition of Shakespeare’s works clutched in his hands.

Decades after his death, when McMaster University library and bookstore staff begin producing replica versions of the text on a newly acquired Espresso Book Machine, Emerson, who was also known as Professor Prospero, returns, intent to put a stop to this “desecration” of his precious text.

“Prospero’s Ghost” was originally published in Campus Chills  (2009) edited by Mark Leslie -- --  (Available in print and eBook format)

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