Chapter 10: The Suprise

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"Alright," Darian said from behind me, "Take a step forward, wait to the le-"

"Ouch!" I yelped as I ran into what I think was a wall, "Darian you're supposed to make sure I don't run into things!"

Darian grabbed my shoulders from either side, "I'm sorry but I assure you that this surprise is worth all the pain."

"Well the sooner, the better. This blindfold is itchy," I whined, hoping that we'd reach our destination soon.

"Stay here," Darian said. His hands left my shoulders and I heard him fumbling with something that sounded like the jingle of keys.

I rolled my eyes under my blindfold, "Did you redo the furniture in the apartment again? Because that's not really a surprise."

Darian chuckled, "No, not quite."

He opened a door and then led me inside, he started untying my blind as he said, "Surprise!"

When the blindfold was removed, I came face to face with warm brown eyes. "Noah?"

"Well my job is done," Darian said turning on his heel and out the door.

"Surprise!" My boyfriend opened his arms, which I immediately jumped into.

He caught me as I clung to him and his scent filled me as tears streamed down my cheeks, "I have missed you so much, Noah."

"I missed you too," he whispered into my ear.

We stayed like that for what seemed like hours but in reality it was only a few minutes.

When we pulled apart, a million questions popped into my head, "How did you get here? How did plan this? How is everyone at home?"

Noah chuckled as he grabbed my hands and led us both to the couch, "Easy there, Audrey."

"Sorry," I smiled, "I'm just so happy you're here."

"I know," he smiled at me and moved a strand of hair behind my ear, "Ever since you got accepted to university here, I started saving my money so I could visit you. I was going to wait until Christmas break, but I wanted to come here and apologize personally about how I've been acting the last little while."

"No," I began, "You don't have to apologize, Noah. This move has been hard on the both of us."

"Still," Noah argued, he squeezed my hand tightly, "You didn't deserve the things I had said about you and your friends. That wasn't right."

I removed my hands from Noah's and placed them on either side of his face, "I forgive you, okay? Both of us haven't exactly been nice to each other these past couple months. It's no one's fault."

"I love you, Audrey," Noah said, his brown eyes staring at me as intently as ever.

I stared back at my boyfriend with the same intensity, "I love you too, Noah."

We stayed on couch for the next few hours, talking and watching some shows. Noah was playing with my hair like he always did when we cuddled and I rested my head on his lap, enjoying every minute we spent together.

"Hey," Noah spoke, "How about we go out for dinner. Not just me and you, but your friends too."

I smiled at my boyfriend, "I would like that, a lot."

A half hour later, Darian, Samara, Noah and I sat in our familiar booth at Ed's Pub.

Noah looked around, his eyes scanning every booth, stool, table, and eventually, bar. Letting out a whistle, he said, "So this is the place your brother works at, right?"

Darian nodded his head, "Unfortunately. It was my favourite place to eat."

As Darian finished his sentence, Nathan was walking by, grasping a bar towel that was thrown over his shoulder.

Or at least it was.

Nathan took the towel from his shoulder and whipped Darian at the back of his head, "Shut up, I'm not that bad."

"Shit!" Darian winced, rubbing his head, "That hurt, man."

Nathan smirked his usual smirk, but it  quickly went away when his eyes landed on Noah, "Ah, so this is my roomie's boyfriend."

Samara and Darian exchanged a look and rolled their eyes as I shifted in my spot awkwardly. Noah however, was unfazed, "Indeed it is. You must be Nathan, my girlfriend's other roomie."

"The one and only," Nathan responded, his hazel eyes were gleaming with deviousness. He looked around the table, his eyes studying each of us, "You guys are incredibly chatty tonight. I got a bar to clean."

"The boy is so fine," Samara began as Nathan was walking away, her eyes glued to where he once stood, "But he has issues."

I laughed, resting my head on Noah's shoulder, "Yeah, no kidding."

"So," Samara spoke after a few moments of silence, "How did you guys meet?"

Darian grinned, "Yeah how did this epic romance start?"

"Well," Noah started as he gave me a small smile, "It began as kids, I guess."

I jerked back my head, "What? We barely knew each other until the ninth grade when we were science partners."

Noah smirked as he took a sip of his beer. Once he was done, he placed his beverage on the wooden table, "That's when it started for you."

I glanced at my friends, who both looked intrigued at my boyfriend's plot twist. Shaking my head, slightly annoyed at my boyfriend's cocky grin, I said, "Well carry on."

Noah kissed my temple, "As I was saying, it began as kids for me. I remember the first day I ever saw Audrey. She had just moved from Edmonton."

I stared at my boyfriend as he continued with his story, "She was the only new kid in grade five and she was wearing this awful frilly green dress as she entered our classroom. But in all fairness, I thought she looked pretty in that awful green dress."

"From that moment on, she enamored me. She was always so kind and compassionate," Noah let out a chuckle, "And always buried in a book or journal. She was, is, so different from any girl I had ever met."

I looked at Samara and Darian as he spoke, they both sat with their chins resting on their hands and eyes wide, as if he was telling some fairy tale.

"So naturally, I pined after her silently for the next four years - like an idiot - instead of actually talking to her," Noah wrapped his arm around my shoulders and smiled at me, "Until the ninth grade when we were science partners. She faked a letter from her mom so she didn't have to participate in the dissection unit, leaving me to do all the dirty work."

Darian and Samara both laughed, amused at my rebellious protest.

"After dissecting the frog, I found her crying in the library at lunch. She was absolutely horrified at the fact we had to do that for a credit," Noah closed his eyes for a moment, "So, like any other dweeb of a fourteen year old, I took her out for ice cream instead of finishing the rest of the school day.  A couple of rounds of ice cream later, I finally got her to smile."

Noah gave me a dazzling grin, "After that, the rest was history."

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