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Dear Smartasses,

   As some of you may know, Logan Paul found a dead body.
   He went into the Japanese Suicide Forest to spend the night to prove that it wasn't haunted.

   Some of you may be fans of Logan Paul. I am not, he and Jake Paul make me sick. I'm sorry, but that is my opinion.

    To me, TO ME, don't get mad and tell me "oh Alec, that's not right at all", what he did was very disrespectful. That Suicide forest is a beautiful place, but it's a sad place. Many people died there, by ending their own lives. By him going in there and filming that video, he completely disrespected the person who's body that was.

       And some people said that it may not have been a real body. Then that is more disrespectful, if it's not real then Logan could have staged it for views. And that is disgusting.

And then PewDiePie's response

That got mixed reviews, on one hand people are saying "OMG you are so right, Logan is a asshole" and on the other "you are a racist person who has done way worse."

So yea. As you may be able to tell, the a good amount of the second group are fans of Logan Paul. I probably fall into the first group, but I wouldn't say it like that.

    All of my voices agree with me on this, which is strange.

   But great way to start out 2018 huh?

~ Smart_AlecK

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