Chapter CXIV.II: Battle of The Retarius

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Cornelia felt her chest struck and water erupted from her mouth. She opened her eyes and caught sight of a friendly pair of yellow eyes. "It seems you have been busy while I was away. Last I heard you were getting married?" He gave her the inquisitive android head tilt that she had missed so much.

Cornelia smiled up at her friend. "We are estranged at the moment."

Another voice pitched in. "Word on the street is you are a wealthy widow. Your husband grieved your disappearance so desperately he died of starvation." He eyed Cornelia with joking suspicion. "He was a bull with the brains of a newt, good riddance."

Cornelia could not help but laugh. For just a moment she felt like herself, but only for a moment. Reality caught up with her as the delicate platform shifted beneath her. She reached for her familiar sword, but her hands came up empty. Her net, trident, and dagger were at the bottom of the liquid abyss. "Cacare!" she exclaimed. Poseidon seemed surprised by her profanity. Hercules was used to it. A scaly form crested the water in front of them.

"Cornelia we need to move," Hercules spoke in a voice that was ridiculously calm for their current predicament.

"No Petaq!" Poseidon screamed as a large-scaled creature barreled toward their platform.

Cornelia did not even catch her breath before she felt her body sail through the air. She felt her skin tear as she struck the wood of another platform. She shot to her feet and winced, her ankle must have twisted in her landing. It can wait, she cursed herself for the weakness and pushed it away from her conscious mind.

She scanned the water around her and caught sight of Hercules and Poseidon jumping just shy of the creature's immense jaws. Despite her distance from their raft a wave of water nearly swallowed her small wooden island. Cornelia scanned the crowd again in search of the man who was the bane of her existence. Her eyes perused the thousands of bloodthirsty citizens smiling and raising their hands in the air. She gasped, their thumbs were up. Then she saw Zeus, he was mute and frowning. His expression did not seem to fit their current circumstance so out of sudden curiosity, or stupidity, she allowed herself a brief moment to listen to the crowd.

"Save her! Save Her!" Her jaw dropped. She was not sure how her fates had changed; but, anything that vexed that vile excuse of a man was music to her ears. She looked around her for a weapon of any kind. When she came up empty handed she raised her voice in a call to the hands of the fates. She called to the chanting mass of Romans. Her voice rang across the arena. "I need a sword!" She raised her hand in the air praying that her performance had been enough. She took a deep breath and filled herself with a false bravado. Surely a woman taking on one of the demons of the sea would be enough. There should be someone out there who cared enough to save her.

She felt the blood draining from her leg and saw a couple of droplets hit the water. Her eyes widened in fear as the creature turned away from her friends and angled its body to aim for her. The work with the trident had been a mistake. She was bleeding and the creature could smell her blood, her weakness, and he was hungry. She was more vulnerable now than ever, both in and out of the water.

She turned back desperately to the crowd; but, no weapon came. They cheered, but their enthusiasm meant nothing. She then tried another desperate leap as the creature collided with her platform.

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