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As soon as Zena was out of sight, Zya rushed to the front of the room and grabbed a microphone.

"Sorry about that, everyone. Please continue to enjoy the night and refer to Gerald, our beta, if you need anything." The sheer panic on her face matched everyone else's.

Zya offered the crowd an apologetic smile and then ran after her sister.

Eva turned to look at Adrian, wondering why he wasn't following Zya and found him staring-down Lukas.

"Stay away from her. She and Red River now belong to me." Lukas spat, his jaw was so tight it could probably slice a brick in half.

"I'll start taking you seriously the day you pull your head out of your *ss" Adrian snarled, angry at the disrespect he had shown his fellow Alpha. Zena was his friend and Adrian did not appreciate Lukas questioning her authority simply because of her gender.

The air between the two alphas practically sizzled. Neither of them planned on standing down without a fight due to their stubborn pride.

Lukas loosened his grey tie and took a step toward Adrian, a ferocious scowl on his face.

Eva had seen enough. She stepped between the two towering men. Adrian retaliated by grabbing her arm, ready to pull her out of harm's way if Lukas attacked.

Eva gave the blue-eyed demon a heated glare. Lukas was rowdy and cruel. She hated him.

She knew her move was dangerous. A punch from Lukas would both knock her out for 2 days and throw Adrian off the edge. But she knew she had to try and come between them or else the two men would have started swinging.

Lukas looked down at the weak human that stepped in front of him. Her head barely reached his chest. The expression on her face surprised him, she was either brave or insane.

Lukas' eyes shifted back to Adrian who now looked fully prepared to obliterate him if he even thought of looking at Eva the wrong way.

Lukas tamed his temper with a few deep breaths.

After another look at the human, he turned and walked away with the realization that he had earned two things that evening- a mate and an enemy.


The drive back to the house was quiet.

Zya itched to say something but she knew Zena wanted space.

Eva sat next to Adrian who was looking out the window, lost in thought.

She made sure to keep her eyes off Zena. She knew that she would disapprove of the pity in her eyes. Eva felt absolutely terrible for her. She didn't deserve to be tied down to that monster.

How to ruin a birthday 101: Invite Lukas

Once the car came to a stop in front of the house, Zya stepped out with her heels in hand. She walked to the entrance and Eva quietly followed. She stopped once she realized Adrian wasn't following her and turned around.

An atrociously dark feeling leaked from her heart and dripped into her stomach once her eyes fell on Adrian. He had his arms around Zena's waist, who hid her face in his neck and gripped his arms.

It took her a couple of seconds to recognize that the feeling was jealousy.

With a dry mouth and wide eyes, she finally realized that she had a debilitating crush on the epitome of trouble.

Adrian wasn't exactly a boyfriend she could introduce her family to considering the fact that he tried to sue them for countless thousands. They would have the most awkward Thanksgiving get-togethers. The mood would be as dead as the turkey.

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