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King Edward knight, The king of the werewolf kingdom, the most feared and strongest born werewolf alive. He is known for his cruelty and greediness. The king of all monsters. Even the strongest kings and warriors can't stand a chance before him. In short he is called the Dark monster. For him punishment is a punishment even if it is a child or a woman or even old, he spares no one. His order is the word no one can change it or has word in it. People who goes against his order will be slaughtered or burnt alive.

Rumors where that he killed his own father for the Golden throne. His mother was murderer in front of him  when he was 17 years old. He had one sister who had gone missing when his father died. But people thought that the dark king had killed his own sister for the Throne. The Golden throne held power and control that no ordinary man can achieve. When the Dark King was crowned he changed all the rules and regulations of the kingdom. Everything was going according to him and surprisingly the kingdom lived good and happy.

The kingdom was divided into eight pack under eight alpha's. Each pack held each council, in a year four times council meeting will be held to discuss about the kingdom's welfare. No man or woman in the kingdom were unhappy, even the poor were happy and satisfied with them. Everything was going fine and according to him.

But one thing was missing, The Queen. The kingdom had everything but the place in the silver Throne was still empty. It was known fact that the king had no mate. The council suggested more than once to the king of an arranged marriage but the king gave no heed to the matter.

King Airo Derdo, the king of human kingdom, The kind-hearted king. Knowing the king of werewolf kingdom had no mate in his kingdom suggested arranged marriage with one of his daughters. This marriage can bring compromise between two kingdom's. The council's felt it was a good suggestion and also they need a heir for the Throne.The Dark king accepted to marry of the king daughters. The next day the king and the council went to the human kingdom with some of the warriors to finalize the deal.

When they entered the human kingdom the king felt restless like something bad was going to happen. They were still in the border of the kingdom in a small village. The king ordered to stop the carriage. He got out of the carriage. He felt some kind of pull towards the right. He ordered others to stay where they were and went inside the forest. He suddenly smelt something sweet like roses and cherry. He followed the sent and reached a small hut.

He entered the small hut and heard a sweet voice humming slowly. He walked towards the kitchen towards left to find a girl humming slowly while cutting the vegetables. Feeling some presence behind the girl slowly turned around to look at the intruder. When their eyes met the king realized that the girl is none other than his mate.

He didn't know what came up on him he stalked towards her pulling her to him in one swift move. He leaned his head in her neck and took a long breathe.

"Mine", his husky voice whispered in her neck. His strong hands holding her firm against his chest. When she felt a kiss did she realized what was happening. Tears started to form in her eyes as she trashed against him. She tired to push him away from her but all in vain. She stopped struggling when she heard a in human growl from the stranger. She was scared and terrified. Tears rolled on her cheeks as she sobbed silently

"let me go", she whispered slowly trying not to shutter. His grip on her waist tightened pulling her closer to him. He squeezed her hips one last time and walked away from her. She fell on knees knowing she was harassed by a stranger in her own house. She ran to the main door and double locked the door, scared that he might come again and do something bad to her. She sat on the floor sobbing softly waiting for her parents to return home.

The king walked to the carriage like nothing happened. The council tired to question him but by the look on the Dark King was enough to shut their mouths. Soon they reached the palace. There were many people waiting outside the gate to welcome the Dark King. Soon they were shown their respected rooms for them to rest.

Next morning the meeting started with everyone present. Before anyone could utter a word , The Dark King raised from his place and walked towards the contract kept on the table. He took the contract and teared it into pieces. Shocked gasp were heard from everywhere. King Airo rose from his place shocked.

"I have my objection with the contract", said the Dark King his voice strong and firm.

"What is it king Edward we can negotiate to whatever you want", the human king said humbly.

"I will not marry any of your daughter but i will marry one of my choice if not then this deal is cancelled", king Edward demanded.

King Airo wanted peace between werewolves and human because the attacks from the witch kingdom was more often now. The witches have kidnapped and killed many of the humans. So he suggested with the wolf king so he could protect them from the witches. At any cost he would do it.

" Okay, i accept this demand of yours you can marry anyone from my kingdom but i too have a demand, you should protect our kind from the witches. If you accept i will also accept", king Airo said making his decision. Everyone in room accepted for the both demands, now waiting for the Dark king to say his answer

King Edward always knew there was something behind the suggestion. He accepted and both the kingdom signed the treaty. Tomorrow will be the wedding. He told King Airo about the girl he saw in the small hut to be his bride.

King Airo with his queen Rima went to the girl house personally to make them accept for the tommorows wedding.

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